Right to repair and replacement parts

Hi Mudita -
Jumping ship from Punkt to Mudita assuming I can get better access to repairs and parts. My MP02 fell out of my bag while climbing, fell fifty meters and the microphone broke. The rest of the phone works, I just needed that replacement part. They couldn’t give me one. I’ve only had the phone for two years and while it still works, I can’t make calls without using a bluetooth earpiece which is obnoxious.

In any case you claimed in an earlier post to be easy to fix and pro right to repair. What can we expect on that front?


@anon59201358 I’m glad you asked that question. We want to make sure Mudita Pure is as easy to repair as possible & we fully support the Right-to-Repair movement. We believe that it’s very important from the point of sustainability. If something breaks in your Mudita Pure, or you need a new battery, we would like you to be able to fix it without much hassle. Replacement batteries will be for sale, so you can always buy a new one. As far as other parts, I think it will be on a case by case basis. The Mudita Pure is pretty sturdy & durable, I think it would be hard to break it very easily.