Received my phone

Hi everyone,
I finally received my mudita pure phone.
I like its shape, hapture and font design.

2 things are irritating me, to be honest:

  1. The audio speaker is VERY low/silent. If the phone is in my bag and receiving a call I am not able to hear the phone ring. Its just to low! Why is that?
    I put the volume to the highest already.

  2. Each time I switch from a menue tab to the other back and forth there is a flackering on the screen. ?!

I guess others have experienced the same. What does Mudita pure team respond to it? What solution do you offer?

Many thanks


The first one may be a hardware limitation, but I’m hoping it’s not and can be fixed by a software update. The second question can be answered easily - the flickering is a part of how screens with E-ink technology display content. Without full refresh (flicker), ghosting may appear on the screen, thus lowering the quality of displayed content. Partial refresh is possible on recent models, which is useful when the state of a small element is changed (like when a switch is toggled or an icon is selected). I, personally, don’t find the flickering irritating when reading a book on my Kindle, as the E-ink screen does not glow by itself.

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Alright, many thanks for the reply. I hope mudita team will respond soon

  1. This probably will be partially solved via software. But not by much. The issue is partly hardware as it can only get so loud.

  2. This is how e-ink works. There is no real fix for this, it’s one of the advantages/disadvantages of the phone.

@yuccpalma Hi! Welcome to the Mudita Community!
Thank you for your feedback. We’re glad you like the phone.
Regarding your audio issue- I believe that our team is working to address this. As far as the “flickering” goes, some flickering is quite normal in e Ink. It’s actually called ghosting & it’s how e ink refreshes. It’s hard for me to say whether what you describe is excessive. If you would like, you could upload a video. Here’s what the flickering looks like on my phone- this is normal


I received my Mudita Phone today. Here’s my unboxing wishes so far:

  • Please include a link in the Quickstart Guide, where Mudita Center can be downloaded
  • Include a link to this forum as long as the software is kind of “beta” and ask for inputs :slight_smile:
  • Include a link of compatible wireless headphones in the package (Airpods Pro aren’t supported, which is a bummer for me)

Thanks for the feedback.
Here’s a link to the Mudita Center download:
The link to the forum is a really good idea. We do include it in all our Backer updates & emails to preorder clients, but we will see how we can include it in the shipment.
When it comes to wireless headphones, I will ask my team about this.


Many thanks.

I really hope the audio issue will be solved soon!!! This low ringtone is something I cannot deal with. If I would transfer an extra-loud audio ringtone to my music library, that might be a temporary solution.

I can live with the flickering and of course its great on the other hand to see the clock displayed all the time thanks to And its very pleasasnt for the eye.


Thanks. Thats a pity. The good quality of audio boxes were announced a lot and I was trusting on it to be able to give a normal volume.


@yuccpalma I will ask our team if there are any audio fixes planned.

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For my is the Same , Audio Quality si orribile.
Call in 2G have a fax-like background tone.
listening to music without headphones is impossible, speakers. Harman and Cardon speaker play little and badly.
However, I note that the product is not mature, and has varios defects.
Many of the features proposed in the Startup are not yet present. I honestly don’t define the current product as being Premium

Urszula, when trying to add a new contact (via mudita center), it doesnt work and says: The phone number must be unique. What to do?

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Also, when typing in a name via the phone I dont know how to delete a letter.?!

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You might check to see if you already have that number saved in your phone. That happened to me too, then I realized I’d already added that contact number but under a different name accidentally.

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Thanks, but this was the first contact I was trying to add at all!


Just do numbers, no +, - or any symbols


Jose_Briones, I just did numbers.

Please someone let me know which button to press on the phone if I want to delete a letter / if I want to correct a name or so in the adress book. I hope adding a contact will then at least work directly in the phone.

The following should work to modify a contact.

  1. OPEN the item in Contacts seeing its details.
  2. Press OPTIONS (Selection Key Left)
  3. SELECT Edit contact.
  4. Move the cursor with 4-way navigation key to field and position you want to edit.
  5. With the # key (bottom right on keypad) the character on left side of current cursor position can be deleted.
  6. SAVE to apply your changes.

Hope this helps.


Here’s a little update about the audio levels on Mudita Pure:
Our team has been in contact with Harman Kardon about what can be done to improve the volume of the speaker. We are sending some phones to them so they can take a look where improvements can be made.