Pure Voicemail Instructions?

Just got my Pure. Like it so far. Only problem I have is how do I set up voicemail and retrieve my messages? Can’t find it in the instructions and The Guy at T-Mobile was stumped.


This may be a silly question, but did either of you try pressing and holding [1]? I have not received my Pure, but pressing and holding [1] is a common technique for setting up [1] as the voicemail button.


yes. nothing happens.


@urszula: I agree with @demsdale’s comment that the Mudita Pure user guide contains nothing about configuring the voicemail number.

I have not received my Pure, but I see on my Android-7 phone that its voicemail number for my current carrier is stored under Settings > Call > Voicemail > Setup > Voicemail number. I cannot change that number, so it seems that my current carrier “pushed” that telephone number into that “Voicemail number” field when I became a customer of my current carrier.

And, it seems that @demsdale’s carrier (T-Mobile) is unable to populate the Pure’s voicemail-number field (wherever that resides on the Pure) – perhaps because the carrier is looking for such a field for either Android or iPhone but is not looking for the equivalent field for Pure.

How can @demsdale manually enter into the Mudita Pure the voicemail number associated with the T-Mobile account? (This page documents three such voicemail numbers for T-Mobile USA customers: +1 805-637-7243; +1 805-637-7249; +1 805-637-7456.)


I found the voice mail listed in contacts (under M). So…no direct link to the #1 on the keypad, however. At least not on MY phone.


@demsdale VM retrieval depends on your network provider. For some, you have to call yourself. Others have a dedicated phone number. For example, with my network provider in Pure, I can either call myself OR dial a dedicated PHONE NUMBER. In my Blackberry Q10, I can call myself or dial 501. So this all depends on our network provider.

@urszula, can Pure owners program the [1] key to dial the voicemail number? I ask because many of us with non-Pure cellphones are accustomed to pressing and holding [1] to auto-dial our voicemail number, and we never have to program it, apparently because the carriers, at least in the USA, program the auto-dial # for the [1] key to dial it for us.

Also, the Pure keypad implies to those of us who have used the [1] key on our cellphones for 20+ years that it is for accessing voicemail:

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