Pure Sound Quality & Speakerphone

Reading a number of troubling posts describing people’s experiences with poor sound quality and a poor quality speakerphone. Are these as bad as people are saying? Please feel free to post your experiences, and any audio samples if you have it!


@jzt Thanks for reaching out. Sound quality can be subjective. What sounds fine to one person, may be quite unacceptable to another. For me, personally, I have no issues with the sound. If I listen to music/podcasts/audiobooks it’s always with headphones, so everything is super loud & clear to me. We posted some videos of songs & ringtones on a separate thread, so that users can hear for themselves & determine if this is something they are OK with: Mudita Pure Videos - #72 by urszula

Hi Urszula. I only see videos you posted of the Pure playing music. This isn’t particularly helpful in determining the quality of the speakerphone for phone calls… Can you please post video of a phone conversation on speakerphone? That would be very helpful to hear. Thanks!


With head phone plugged in, music sounds good to my hears. Although I can’t seem to be able to make calls with headphones so far. The actual sound quality during calls from the Pure is mediocre-to-good depending on the signal strength, and it that way it is reminiscent of pre-smartphones era. But that being said, people have said to me that my voice comes through more clearly than with my previous smartphones, so go figure.

Overall, it’s good enough IMO. The only real issue is that the speakers are probably not loud enough but I can live with it.

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@jzt we have a thread where we posted links to speaker phone test clips. Let me know if you can hear them OK. Mudita Pure Sound Test Clips

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Hi Urszula. Do you have any audio recordings of a longer call on speakerphone? I believe the clip you linked me to is only a few seconds long, correct?

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@jzt Are you looking for something longer than this? Mudita Pure Sound Test Clips - #9 by urszula

Yes, that clip is only 5 seconds :slight_smile:

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@jzt We’re gonna do something a bit longer. We’ll also do a Pure to Pure call just so people can hear how that sounds.