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I’ve read on your website that your new phone is going to use custom-made OS - MuditaOS -. So, I was wondering if you’ve considered making this OS Open Source. Perhaps, somebody in the Open Source community could be interested in creating apps for your devices.



thank you for reaching out! Making our operating system open source is definitely possible and exciting. :slight_smile: We haven’t decided yet if we want to do that as right now our main focus is on delivering the stable version of the product. We don’t get many requests regarding this, but we are still open for discussion to see where it can bring us. Do you have anything specific in mind, what kind of apps you would like to see in Mudita OS?

Thank you for your time!


Hi there,
first of all thanks for your quick reply. I already posted on this topic about the apps I’d like to see.

To be honest, it’s more about the possibility of tinkering with the OS rather than having some specific set of apps. Sometimes, people surprise you with hacks, apps, and functionalities on products that were not designed for that specific purpose.
Given that the phone has no wireless connection - except for the GSM modem - , I’d suggest a web-based tool to update the firmware of the Pure phone, and the possibility of running MicroPython. Both functionalities are included in the Numworks Calculator and have expanded a lot the possibilities of that device.

You can get more info about this on the following links:

Firmware updater:
Some python sripts for the calculator:
General info:

I understand that a calculator and a phone are not the same devices, but just consider the possibilities.


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Seconded, if only for the sake of transparency.

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what kind of apps you would like to see in Mudita OS?

Since you sell a phone that lacks Internet connection, people that are looking for tracking-free phones will join your consumer group. Adding a SMS encryption app will expand the number of potential buyers. But encryption can be done in different ways and allowing open source community to provide their own apps will be the win-win solution.


It’s built on top of FreeRTOS I guess it’s safe for them although I would like to see more projects use GPL
MIT is a non contributing licence, I find it very selfish whereas a GPL licence requires contributions to be published

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