What do you consider essential in a phone with the internet but with minimised distractions and negative aspects related to technology?

We would love to know your thoughts on that!


Maps with navigation capability. I want to be able to find restaurants and stores on the go. Also, taking black and white photos would be so cool.


Yes, maps would be cool, app like HEREwego, so you can use it offline.


I would not say maps are within my minimalistic range, but is so, I would be more than happy with “arrow style” navigation (without real maps from Google, TomTom or others). For your 2nd (smart) phone, I would go for full nav app. My take on essentials on your 1st gen? I would even go away from music - calling + texting would do.


Agreed that some of these features would work well with the smartphone style TBD and would probably clutter the first generation phone. I don’t know if I am personally ready to get rid of ALL the features of the smartphone, so this is a matter of personal preference and I might be better off waiting for Gen2!


Also a browser with a kind of „read view”. Maybe even forced, or at least turned on by default. Not every website support it though :frowning:


Thank you Lindsay for your feedback on it! Indeed it’s about how to maintain the balance between usability and cluttering the device.


Thank you @kuniu for your recommendations. We’ll see what we can do about it!


I agree that the navigation function is the one thing that I would really love to have included. I do feel like I’d have to get a dedicated GPS device for my car for navigation, which is not the end of the world. Garmin (and other brands) have bike computers and watches with navigation tech now, so eventually that would be great to include!


I travel a lot without a computer so I feel tied to my smart phone. However when I’m home, the only think I think I’d really need is navigation. I don’t want access to browsing restaurants or anything like that, but simple, straight forward navigation would be really essential for me.


The two smartphone features I would like to see are navigation and access to music apps. Other than that I’m good with just being able to call and text.


Waze/maps for sure.
Browser without media

Whatsapp - as text is not practical for international communications.

May be you can have two versions of your phone - hermit version of zero nonsense and an modern hermit version with a bit more stuff :innocent:


I wish Mudita Pure had GPS but I guess I can just use it for like weekends and stuff, once I’m at the place where I need to be.


In order of importance-
Maybe a separate simple device to works to give audio that connects to internet/wifi/hotspot to do -
podcasts (i use pocket casts- commute time is great for podcasts)
audible (i love to listen to a book on my commute).
(or podcasts and audible could just be built into phone).


Calling + contacts.

Texting/ FB messenger integration into a seamless messaging experience.

Maps, you can lookup places, hours of op and call them.

Music. Streaming like Spotify as an official player.

Camera at the back.

Battery life.

Bluetooth to listen to music/headphones/car


Small form factor. 4-4.5” screen would be perfect.

Alarm clock.


I got rid of my smartphone back in 2015 and been on punkt mp01 and mp02 the last 4 years. punkt is amazing in lots of ways and not amazing in other ways. i believe their amount of features and design is absolutely spot on and wished someone else just executed it properly (ie. software mainly, very buggy to where very simple features, like accepting a call don’t even work). i am hoping the mudita pure will.

this is my opinion and i don’t mean to preach, just my experiences…
a part of getting off smartphones is losing those “conveniences” and being ok with it, like gps, navigation, music, ride sharing, and especially the camera. i don’t believe anything is going to come out, ever, that will please everyone in terms of features, and keeping everyone who wants to transition to a dumb phone “comfortable”. if someone is sacrificing a smartphone for a minimal phone, let it be a minimal phone. with all these specific features always requested, when does a minimal/dumb phone just become a smart phone?

if there are missing features, just getting something that is specialized in that feature, and separating from the phone is actually nice. like a garmin for nav, and a dap for music. dap’s are amazing these days!

for what it’s worth, all i would need, and be 100% happy with are these features:

-alarm or setting reminders

added features for convenience/feel, but not necessary:
-tactile buttons

it would be really nice to have minimal features that actual perform well and have great user interface and experience, with a quick response.

thanks mudita for attempting a minimal phone, i really look forward to updates and progress. please don’t let the requests for such things like lyft, spotify, and email get to your head!!


Thank you @joel for your comment. It is really good feedback for us, and we are happy we will be able to deliver a minimal phone, that you will for sure love. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hiya all!

I’ve been thinking about this exact topic for a while myself now. And although I’m pretty sure you guys have already long ago decided what will actually be on your upcoming smart-ish phone based on a more traditional research procedure than whatever-falls-into-this-forum, I still would like to throw in my two pence worth :wink:

1 - Maps were and continue to be without a doubt a massive game changer (it is actually the main reason I haven’t gone back to a traditional phone) and not having them kind of defeats the purpose of a smart-ish phone. So that would be GPS, I reckon.

2 - Then of course it is worth considering what a phone is made for, traditionally speaking. So that would be communication. Whatsapp/signal/telegram etc therefore is kind of a must as going back to texting only might be quite unpractical for those willing to buck the trend and return to a more simple phone yet not want to exclude themselves from family group chats etc. This foreshadows a particular OS problem on the horizon about which a bit more later.

3 - Listening to music on the go, yea, thats kind of important :slight_smile: So please a headphone jack too? :wink: Inbuilt speaker however I would forego gladly. You never listen to music on it and this trend of taking calls on speakerphone in public is, well, I reckon you can imagine what I would like to write here that would highly likely be flagged and removed.

4 - The camera would be great to not have. Unless you are willing to compete with the likes of samsung/apple/huawei etc on camera specs then there is barely any point having it. Having the gimmick of having a BW camera makes it perhaps easier to have it have decent image quality but then again philosophically it seems that the concept is to be living LESS through our phones and not having a camera might be a great help with that. Which brings me to the trickiest point.

If you allow the functionality for some apps (communication messaging apps) then how will you not offer all apps? Partially this can be resolved through not having a camera which might make some social platforms like instagram/tiktok/snap etc uninteresting (that would be a good thing :wink: ). But what about “utilities” like bicycle- or car-sharing apps and their damage reporting features?

So how would you deal with it from an OS standpoint? Would you make your own android version to be optimised for a BW screen? Having one small-ish (I presume at least at the moment) hardware company be in charge of maintaining the security of a customised OS requires an immense leap of faith from its users. Especially if it would be connected to private messaging apps and credit card details on “utilities” for example. And speaking of those big apps, how would they like to have their apps shown in BW? How large a market share would you need to incentivise them to make customised versions? And would you even consider banning certain apps? Will the only added distractionlessness be just not seeing a red dot in the upper corner of an icon but a grey one by just de-saturising an existing OS version? Perhaps there should be no icons at all on the “desktop” and instead just have plain text? And what about the pricing? Making small batches of phones is expensive (if you are looking to make a profit at some point) so surely they can’t be too expensive as then they risk becoming just a statement-fad for those that can afford it and will walk around with two phones in their pocket (one to lay down on the table at lunch and one to actually use, on the toilet, in shameful, shameful secrecy). Basically speaking: So. Many. QUESTIONS!!!

I for one am very much looking forward to see how you guys will eventually answer them :slight_smile:

Oh, and please do hurry up with bringing it to market. My old smartphone is on its last legs and I can’t bare the though of having to get yet another one from the big techie corpos :wink:

Marcin Gajewski
creative coach & consultant

ps: for clarity, this post is on the topic of your as-of-yet unnamed next generation phone, not the one you’ll be kickstartering in sept


I would need to have my email with me, and be able to reply. Also, a text based version of WhatsApp, so I won’t get the useless “cute cat” images. It would be great if the phone auto replies that I can’t receive any images at that time (“Boris is using a Mudita phone and has not received this image”).
I would consider anything with an “endless scroll” feature (basically all social media) a distraction and ban those from the phone.
I think I would use this phone as a second phone, to take on vacations where I have to “unplug” or events where I need to focus. An easy to access “no notifications” feature (like night mode, but just called differently) would be useful.


Thank you Marcin for your spot on comment.
These are the questions that we ask ourselves and working on addressing them, so your input is very insightful for us.

The most frequent request we get is definitely about maps and we totally agree with that.

I wonder what’s your opinion on what kind of maps. I feel most of people got used to Google maps. Will you be willing to switch to different maps if we don’t want to include Google services?

We want a distraction phone that won’t be expressed only by B&W screen, at the same time we realise that there are very useful apps and in urban context especially, it’s hard to resign from the convenience they bring.

I have additional question for you - how about a browser and looking things up - essential?

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