Ohad Naharin discusses Gaga movement

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This is so awesome! I would love to participate in something like this where I live…
Super interested in conscious movement and dance, like 5Rhythms and Ecstatic Dance, although the latter seems more social to me and less about me getting into my relationship with me. I wonder if there are other forms of dance or conscious movement that people here know about?
Edit: I just found they have online classes 7 days a week at many different times:


Oh, that’s so great, I’m glad you liked the video @moon9river! Thanks for sharing a link to those classes. I’m going to try to attend a physical dance class at some point after lockdown. The gyms and other fitness centres haven’t opened yet here. Definitely, it would be interesting to look into any other conscious movement styles, I’ll keep an eye out for anything relevant and share it here.

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Conscious and purposeful movements are also engrained in Taoist meditation techniques, although they are not dance forms in any way. I find it interesting to see these notions present in both.