Offline Maps and Mudita Pay

Greetings to Mudita Os team and everyone else,
The reason im writing this is becasue the possibility of most your buyers is from EU it should be noted that most of the countries in EU have gone cashless. The people have started to use services like samsung pay and google pay. I suggest that mudita team should also develop similar app and it terms of functionality can be like this that when ever I wanna use the mudita pay the mobile data activate automatically and when im out of program is turns off. So in this way it doesnt require to tun on or off mobil data manually.

It would be also amazing to designe a offline map that allows to download the roadmaps of each country depending where you live and when ever i use this app the GPS turns on and when im out of the app it turns off. In this way Mudita can still be an offline OS and only uses mobile data for these 2 specific apps.

TY for reading and have a nice day!

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I generally agree.

I’m not sure it it has this already but a weather app is also hugely important to my work and life.

I understand the mission statement and don’t want to go about adding e-mail/web browser/etc. but nobody gets addicted to weather, GPS, NFC, notes, and group texts! Lol

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