Offline Maps and Mudita Pay

This is a cool solution for the maps thing. It could be interesting to provide some education on how to get around with a minimal phone. I could see this being a YouTube video or something… or part of a walkthrough or FAQ or something like that to address the common question of Maps + GPS. A lot of these suggestions are people having a hard time with adjusting to a new way of doing things because they don’t know another way, haven’t looked or haven’t realized they don’t know that they don’t know. Being shown a new way could be a solution that helps people wean themselves off of what they’re currently doing a live with less, and feel more free. A little education could go a long way, if it’s in the company’s mission and scope + desires to pursue :slight_smile:


@moon9river Have you read the The Power of Place thread? We started talking about this a bit towards the end.

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