Next Mudita Pure 2

I am sure they will improve whats now bundled. This is thread about Wished similar features for next model, based on experience with current.

There are threads about bugs and problems with current model, where you can express your concerns.

I will buy current model once they are able to ship it to my country, and hopefully, some of existing bugs will be ironed by then.

And surely would buy successor, but first model needs to succeed,


@cardio79 Regarding the quality of the our product- As everyone knows, Mudita Pure was originally created as a crowdfunding project. The nature of crowdfunding is that it helps develop & make new & creative projects a reality. This also means that the community helps in the development of the project, which also translates to working through all the bugs before the project goes mainstream. Sometimes it takes time to polish a tech product, like Mudita Pure.

Since you’re very familiar with Light Phone and Punkt, you know that those devices came out approx 3-5 yrs ago & many people on our forum talked about their experiences with those phones & there are many posts on our forum where it took those companies about 3-4 years AFTER launch to perfect their product.

Unfortunately, just like those startups, we’re not part of a BIG TECH conglomerate with infinite possibilities to manufacture a perfect product on a single try. That’s why we count on users’ feedback in order to make sure we work towards creating a GREAT product.

It’s easy to tout the awesomeness of other phones, when you didn’t experience the growing pains of those devices first hand. Maybe Jose can shed some light on the initial versions of those phones, but from the reviews I’ve read online, they were not perfect at launch. It took time and a lot of hard work to get them to their usability today.

You might want to take a look at this 2019 review of Punkt: Punkt MP02 review: A Fine Mess

Since this came out, the company has made amazing progress & it’s one of the best minimalist phones out there. However, perfection takes time. It’s very rarely done instantly.

The original Light Phone was announced in 2015 and released in 2017, also via Kickstarter. When it initially came out, the reviews were really not that rosy. Many people complained that it’s not ready for prime time & that it should not have been released. The original Light Phone just had an illuminated number pad & no eInk. It cost $150 and could only make and receive calls and it could only store nine phone numbers. Even though it was so simple. It didn’t always work properly. You can find posts on this forum from users discussing their initial experience with the device.

However, now five years later a lot has changed. It’s a GREAT device.

The company put a lot of effort into making it a good device with the help of feedback from backers and the work of the Light Phone team.

The bottom line is that we’re not nearly a year after the initial launch and although we do understand the frustrations which stand behind all the complaints, we are working incredibly hard to make this a GREAT phone.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we get to that point!


Whilst this is a little blunt (and can be interpreted as “snarky”, as others have said), it is still a fair and legitimate point. When a Mudita Pure 2 is eventually launched, the primary focus should be its reliability. However much or little it does, it just needs to do it well without crashing.

Hopefully, just as with the Punkt and Lightphone, improvements to the current Pure will mitigate its stability/reliability problems. Yes, its antenna design might prevent it ever getting the best reception, but if SMS handling can “just work”, call quality can be good when there’s a signal, the freezes/crashes stop, and network compatibility can be improved (especially USA/Canada), then the Pure 1 will easily compete in the Punkt/Lightphone arena. At that point, I’ll probably place my order.

I still have an interest in the Pure but am holding-back buying until I know the SMS-mangling issues and various freezes/crashes etc are fixed. I can’t afford to purchase an unreliable phone. I need to know SMS are not getting lost/mangled, calls will get through when there’s a signal, etc. If it can’t do something, that’s fine, I can work around it. My concern is when it’s supposed to be able to do something but does it inconsistently/unreliably. That’s worse than not having the functionality.

My main priorities for a Mudita Pure 2 would be:

“Must haves”:

  1. Be like the original Pure in almost every respect, apart from:
  2. Handle SMS reliably.
  3. Don’t crash/freeze.
  4. Display a received MMS (picture message) on the screen, even if the phone cannot send or forward them. If the hardware is incapable of this, at the bare minimum, have the phone notify the user there is an MMS waiting to retrieve, and allow Mudita Center to retrieve the MMS from the network to display it on the computer.

Some “should-haves” include:

  1. Replying to MMS even if just to send textual information, for instance to facilitate group chatting.
  2. Improvements to the music player, e.g. ability to play an album, or all albums by an artist, based on ID3 tags. At present I think the player just plays all the audio files present, with no sorting by tags.
  3. VoLTE
  4. Ability to tether by Bluetooth and/or act as a WiFi hotspot if a WiFi chip is included in the design.

Some “would like to haves” include:

  1. A client for Signal, like Punkt’s “Pigeon”
  2. A Keepass 2.x -compatible password-safe, so users can display saved passwords on the screen. A similar J2ME app used to exist for feature-phones around 10 years ago.
  3. An OTP (2FA) app so that users can securely sign into things like banks without a smartphone. It would be a pain to set up without a camera but can be done (use the keypad to type the TOTP secret into the app).
  4. A very basic PDF/image viewer. The screen is too small to use as an e-reader, but this feature would be useful for things like displaying QR-codes (e.g. copy your plane ticket to the Pure).
  5. VoWiFi (requires WiFi chip), as this would mitigate a lot of the issues with poor reception/signal.

Some “could haves” include:

  1. Basic camera, even if only 640x480. Could take colour or B&W photos, it really doesn’t matter, as the Pure’s e-ink screen would be fine as a viewfinder. I’m not so bothered about this, but it would perhaps be useful in an emergency situation. It might even be good to have the Pure 2 in a camera and camera-free version, for those who don’t want the feature.

Personally I think adding any “online” features such as podcasts, maps, liftsharing or dating, would set the Pure down a very slippery slope, turning it into a smartphone for people who want to pretend they don’t want a smartphone. Everybody would have a different idea of what an “essential” or “minimal” app would be. I’d rather any Pure 2 would only have the minimum online functionality required to either tether another device or perform calling/messaging.


Let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger and at some point reaching for reading glasses will become a habit.
So I would really appreciate it if the font size on the Mudita Pure was adjustable. As a layman, that doesn’t seem to be a major technical challenge to me and could actually even be implemented in the current model.


@thilodus This is actually on the roadmap & is being implemented in a future update.


Mine’s working perfectly at the moment haha.


@cjc26 We’re so happy to hear that. I may be biased, but I also have no issues with my Mudita Pure.


I am also having serious eye condition, and large fonts would be most appreciated.


High contrast, as much as possible on e-ink, would be also most welcome for disability vision in evening


I will make any comments I want and I can voice my displeasure…what’s it to you?

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You were on freedom right? SO you have no issues now with the phone ever disconnecting not getting signal? YOu are able to use it perfectly? My wife is actually interested in getting one…shes will virgin mobile. She likes the look of the phone specifically the white version and would switch over if she knows the phone works. Let me know if it works for you consistently for you now. There are some white left so I would like to get one for her. Never thought I would be saying that again lol


And insulting by private message is OK?
Quote: “Why don’t you stfu …mind your own business you fucking twat”

I think with this aggressive way you do not fit into this forum and the people who know what “Mudita” means.


When it is deserved yes. Any other questions?

I think this is well said and makes perfect sense. I think if my wife has a great experience with it or ends up no liking it i will most likely keep it as a device I use at home and when I am out with the family etc (on trips) or my kids need to reach me I will use another phone (The sunbeam f1 which I ordered again) I am actually returning the Punkt (enjoyed it but since I purchased the mudita again for my wife had to send this back as its a very pricey phone, and I sold the light phone for 400 canadian(all profit because they have me the phone for free) I think that will be a good strategy moving forward as the kinks in the mudita are worked out. At the end of the day out of all the phones I tried I did enjoy the look and feel of the Mudita the most so I am willing to be way more patient than I have been.

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@cardio79 Abusive or insulting language on this forum is not allowed & cannot be tolerated. We may agree to disagree on some things, but signaling members out individually and targeting them with offensive language is not appropriate & cannot allowed under ANY circumstances- Whatever our personal feelings may be.


@cardio79 I’m glad we see eye-to-eye on something :smiley:


Agreed but the other member saying I was making ‘snarky comments’ should not be allowed to single me out either

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I’ve reached out to everyone involved.


Oh dear, some people would really benefit from a device that fails to send some of their messages… :sweat_smile: :face_with_peeking_eye: