Newsletter/Sign-up Discounts not working?

I like the idea of the Pure, principally the promised battery life and the open source OS (which appears to be easily flashable based on the github readme, with the digital signing only being used for verification in the desktop application?). So I considered pre-ordering, and noticed the 10% discount advertised for signing-up for the newsletter, which was enough to push me over the edge.

For the last day or so, signing-up for the newsletter results in an error, something about an invalid API key or wrong datacenter. Tried with a different browser, even tried allowing all of the Google JS/trackets etc. to load, with no luck. I’m located in the U.S. in case that’s an issue. Is there a known issue? Any other discounts active?


@mcf_user I’m sorry you’re experiencing issues. Thanks for letting us know. I will check into this right away & get back to you.

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@mcf_user We are working on getting it fixed.

Let me also know when it works. Thank you!!!

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@dora It should be working now. We also have a 15% off code until the end of the month


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