Mudita Pure vs Punkt MP02

Today I would like to make a comparison between the Mudita Pure and the Punkt MP02.

As you know from my posts, I am really a Mudita fan and I have used the Mudita consistently for almost a year. It was a constant up and down. There were phases, at the very beginning, when the text messages didn’t come in or were incomplete, the signal was constantly collapsing, and then the Mudita was somewhat usable in everyday life. This means that I had a rather poor signal at home, 1-2 bars or sometimes nothing, but I was able to cope with this because I use my desk phone at home. Outside, on the other hand, I had really good reception after a few updates to the operating system, 3-4 bars.

The system would hang up from time to time, so only removing the battery helped, but I could work with it.

Then it happened more and more often that I had no signal when I really needed the phone. It then took another restart and 3-5 minutes until I had reception again.

Then I had the following error more and more often:

When I cycled from home to work, arrived there and texted my wife, she didn’t receive it. She got worried and called me at work. During the break, I saw that the Pure had not sent the text message. Only a restart solved the problem. This happened every time I drove from one part of town to the next. The Pure did not find a signal after the “change of location”.

Then two months ago we had a bad storm and flood water entered our house. I tried to call the fire brigade, the caretaker and my wife but I just couldn’t get a signal in the house. Then the Pure showed 2 bars and the moment I wanted to make another call, I suddenly had 0 bars again. I had to use my smartphone, which worked fine.

I was so annoyed that a few days later I ordered the Punkt MP02.

It wasn’t easy for me to decide, because I really love the Mudita Pure. I love the design, how it feels in my hand, how the buttons react, the e-ink display, the meditation timer, the ringtones, just everything. But it’s not reliable now and then.

I have now used the Punkt MP02 for two months straight. First of all, I have to say that it hasn’t let me down once. All messages arrive, phone calls work without problems, whether 2G or 4G calls. The voice quality is excellent, just like the Pure.

Of course, I had to get used to the operation, but that went quite quickly.

It also has a nice design, is a bit smaller than the Pure, but still feels good in the hand.

The ringtones are great, but not like the Pure. The only thing is that it has a “ring ring” tone, which many people wanted for the Pure so that they could hear it better when it rang in noisier environments.

As with the Pure, I can create templates for SMS messages and now one of the advantages I really miss with the Pure is that I can assign the buttons 1-9. It doesn’t matter if I want to speed-dial a call to my wife on 2, or a message to my best friend on 3 or a new note on 4. No problem at all and I hardly want to live without this function :slight_smile:

The signal quality is excellent (of course Punkt doesn’t advertise a low SAR value for it either).

In the house, I have 100% reception with 2G. With 4G, it’s between 75 and 95 % reception. As I said, there are no problems anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether I’m at home, at work, in the city or on holiday in the mountains. So far, it has been absolutely reliable everywhere.

Why did I put the SIM card back into my Pure yesterday anyway?

I can’t explain it rationally. The MP02 is reliable, I hardly notice it in my pocket, as with the Pure, it can happen that I forget it at home, which would never have happened with my smartphone, it slows me down and doesn’t distract me.

But it’s not the Mudita Pure. I can’t explain it, when I take the Pure in my hand, something happens to me. It calms me down inside and makes me think of my new lifestyle and routines. Meditating, writing down my thoughts in a diary, going through life more mindfully, relaxing more, the Pure stands for all that for me. And I missed the meditation timer. The MP02 also has a timer, but it’s just a timer. There is only an annoying sound and not such a nice gong that gently brings you out of meditation and back into the here and now. And I missed the e-ink screen. It’s good for the eyes. And even if it sounds crazy, the somewhat slower set-up of the e-ink screen reminds me to slow down and not do everything in a rush.

So yesterday I took the Pure out of the drawer again, inserted the SIM card, switched it on and first carried out the latest update.

I felt “at home” again. There I was holding “my Pure” in my hands again :slight_smile:

There were two bars of reception instead of 100% on the MP02. But I didn’t care as long as I could make phone calls and write text messages with these two bars.

Yesterday nothing much happened, because I spent the time with my wife and put the Pure on the dresser in the hallway.

Then this morning I received a text message to which I wanted to reply and at that very moment the two bars of signal disappeared and I was left without reception again. Three minutes later it worked again, but unfortunately it shows me again how unreliable the Pure still is, even after the latest update. So I put the SIM card back into the MP02 for on the road.

I will test the Pure again extensively in the next few days, but today I somehow lacked the nerve to do so.

I think it’s such a shame and sad. I really love the Pure, but I just can’t use it properly like this.

I can already see that I’m going to use it as a meditation timer costing over 300 euros…

I wish nothing more for the Pure to keep its signal stable, even if it’s only two bars.

My conclusion:

The Pure is a beautiful minimalist phone that does a lot of things right and fits my lifestyle perfectly. But it still doesn’t work reliably.

I so wish it had stable reception, but after a year I’m afraid that will never happen. It’s not for nothing that Mudita is working on a successor and no longer sells the Pure in the shop.

What I find unfortunate is that some of the feedback that came in a year ago has not been accepted or implemented. For example, the availability of a replacement battery.

Why advertise a replaceable battery if you can only use it to restart the phone after a crash?

At Faiphone in the Netherlands, for example, I can order batteries for my smartphone without any problems, as it should be with a replaceable battery.

I have a lot of sympathy for the guys and gals at Mudita. This is the first phone you guys have designed and built, and there is a lot to learn on the way to a working and finished product.

But the fact that the buyers are still beta testers is a real shame.

Testing and sending the logs and reporting in the forum was also fun for some time, because you were part of the journey and I know that from the OpenSource scene. But at some point you just want to be able to use the phone.

The Punkt doesn’t have a replaceable battery, but that doesn’t seem to be a disadvantage because, as I said, you still can’t buy a battery from Mudita’s shop.

For me personally, it doesn’t feel that great in the hand (the Mudita has the perfect shape and size for me), but it still has a nice design and it has the big advantage that it works absolutely reliably. It also has the option of speed dialling keys. And it has T9, which makes typing messages really great.

Of course, the MP02 is the second generation, and Punkt has had time to learn, but I have never read of any problems with reception on the MP01. Signal strength is the most important thing for a mobile phone.

A low SAR value is very important to me, because my health is also important to me. But a compromise must be possible. After all, what good is the lowest SAR value if I can’t use the phone for what it was made for?

So, barring another miracle, I’ll be using the MP02 as my daily mobile mini-malist phone and the Pure probably as a meditation timer, which I think is a shame.

And even though I’ve never spent as much money on phones as I have in the past year, I just wish for a new edition of the Pure, as is, of design but fully functional. I don’t need the music player, I use an MP3 player anyway, but get the important functions working. Add T9 and the ability to speed dial the keys and I and many others here are happy.

Maybe next generation you’ll do a discount for people who already own the first Pure and even take it back for recycling.

Please understand this as constructive criticism. As I said, you know I’m a fan of yours. I have the alarm clock and love it, as well as the Pause cards.

Just get the Pure up and running or give current owners the opportunity to get it a little cheaper with a second generation Pure when it is released.

I see a lot of people here on the forum who love the Pure just as much and just want it to work. People who are here to talk about a lifestyle that moves away from the constant accessibility and control of the digital world.

People who want to experience the world more mindfully again and shift down a gear to slow down.

Mudita, with what you are doing, you are making the world a little bit better. Please keep at it and have the necessary stamina to make Pure even better as a minimalist phone.

Thank you for reading these lines :slight_smile:


@marko, thank you for sharing your feedback. I want to assure you that we are carefully listening to all of your voices and striving to learn from them. Your input would be greatly appreciated. @adamgwarek, could you please take a look at this thread?

Of course. The most valuable feedback is indeed constructive criticism. While compliments are pleasant to hear, it’s the critical feedback that truly drives change. We sincerely appreciate your engagement. Taking the time to write your post demonstrates your dedication and gives us confidence that what we’re doing is worthwhile and effective (not perfect… yet :>) . Thank you very much!


I agree with 100 percent of what you just said. I basically have had the same experience with the Pure as yourself. I have owned this phone 4 separate times each time leaving out of sheer frustration for all the reasons you mentioned above but then ultimately coming back because as you said you just get a certain feeling with this phone in your hands. It really is calm, BUT, that calm changes to anger and frustrations quite quickly when you need it. I think the issue Mudita has is FOCUS. I get the mission but when you try to bring too many products to market you end up bringing products that are not the best quality. Light phone has 1 PRODUCT, the light phone that it focuses on. I believe had the pure been Mudita’s only product we would have gotten a better product. When you have a small team working on multiple products that can be a lot for a team to handle.
I love this phone but when I am in situations when I need it and it fails me thats where I look elsewhere, and every other phone I try from the Sunbeam, light phone 2, to the Punkt all destroy the Mudita when it comes to usability but they don’t give that same feeling, the closest is the light phone 2, it really is a great phone with a great company behind it. As much as again I have enjoyed using the Mudita I find myself in that same boat where realistically I need to sell it because its going to be useless for me once the new Mudita’s comes out, but I really hope this team has learned from their mistakes and makes sure this phone works properly because if I have to jump through the same hoops getting this phone to work going through multiple sim cards and costing my 100s of dollars then I am done with the company thats a guarantee.
But I am confident that the next devices will not have the same issues and I really hope we get some additional tools not just a mudita 2 thats the same but works. That to me is not progress. It should have a working calendar, group text messaging and a directions tool would be nice to have but not a deal breaker.


After work today, I decided to test the Pure again with the latest update in the hope that there would be improvements in the signal.
I plugged in the sim card and after the start I first had the usual two bars in the signal in the flat. I put the Pure in the cork bag and went outside for a little walk. I wrote a text message, after which the signal was lost immediately.
It took about 3 minutes until I had two bars again. Then it briefly rose to three bars and the next time I took the Pure out of the bag I had no bars.
I went home again where I had the two bars again.
I got an SMS and answered it. Shortly afterwards, the X appeared on the signal and nothing happened for 15 minutes. Only a restart brought back the usual two bars.
Now the Pure is on the dining table and still has two bars.
But seriously, you can’t use the phone like that.
It’s pure stress when I have to constantly check whether I still have reception and possibly have to restart the phone.
And I don’t understand it. It used to be better. Otherwise I wouldn’t have used the Pure for almost a year. I think at some point with the 1.4… or 1.5… Update it was quite usable.
I have no idea what’s going on.

I might take another look at it tomorrow during the day and take the Pure with me to work, but if I have these problems again, then I will probably stay with Punkt MP02 for good. As I said, I haven’t had any reception problems in about 2 months.
It’s a shame and makes me very sad. I really want to use the Pure and not just as a meditation timer.
Maybe I’ll get it out when there are updates again, in the hope that something will improve. But I’ll be honest, that hope is very slim to none.
How often have I sent log files or written something on GitHub about the errors, but unfortunately nothing happens. And it can’t all be down to the antenna. There must be a small improvement possible via the software (which controls the hardware/antenna).


@marko Thanks for taking time to give us feedback.
So, according to you, the previous updates made the phone more usable & now, the most recent updates are causing the phone to be less reliable. Am I understanding you correctly?


So at least since the last update, the Pure loses the signal completely shortly after I have sent or received a text message. The signal goes from 2 bars down to 1 bar and shortly after that the “x” is visible. And even after 10-15 minutes the signal does not come back. Only restarting the Pure solves the problem for the time being. I have already sent the logs for this. If it is relevant, here is the serial number: 26950950270922
And the bug mentioned above and reported on Github is unfortunately still not fixed.


@marko Thanks for the clarification. I will consult with the team on this issue. One more question: With what update do you personally believe the phone was working the best?


I have already received a reply from Matt today, who asked me a few more questions about the problem, which I have just answered by email.
I think it was update 1.5… which worked best for me so far. However, the Pure would hang up every now and then, which is no longer the case.
But the reception was more stable with it, I would say.
But these are all just my observations.
I tested the Pure again today for the whole day. Outside, on the way to work, and also at work it worked very well, I even had the full signal strength at times. Just when I got home, the signal went down from 2 bars and then broke off again completely after writing a text message. A restart fixed the problem. At home, the signal was not strong before either, mostly 2 bars, but it remained stable. Sometimes it would go down to one bar but then go back up to two bars. It never used to drop out completely. This has only happened since the latest update.


After 2 weeks of using the Pure again every day, I switched back to Punkt MP02 yesterday, as much as it hurts me.
At first I thought the Pure was running fine again (oh how often I thought that…), the connection was lost from time to time, but it found the signal again relatively quickly (by removing the sticker). But then the well-known and still not fixed error happened again. After a change of location, i.e. from home to work, the Pure displayed the signal, but no calls or text messages came through. After a restart, the messages come in.
When this happened again in a situation when my wife wanted to reach me and she was very worried because she couldn’t reach me and I didn’t answer, I had enough.
At home, I immediately inserted the SIM card into the MP02.
As I said, everything runs reliably there and I don’t have to worry about reception. With the Pure, which actually relaxed me, lately I only looked at the signal strength and whether there was still reception, and that didn’t relax me at all. Quite the opposite. It’s such a shame. I love using the Pure for meditation in the morning, I love the way it feels in my hand, I love the ringtones, everything. But it’s just not reliable. Meanwhile, I don’t think this one bug I mentioned above will ever be fixed. On Github there is no feedback from the team anymore. Even on my submitted log files and bug reports, I received a short answer that everything is forwarded and then nothing more is heard. It seems to me that Mudita has somehow finished with the Pure and is concentrating on the successor model. Too bad for those who invested so much money, trust and patience in the Pure.

I don’t mind that the signal is not as strong as with other phones, but it must then be stable, or the aforementioned bug must be fixed. It can’t be that I drive from A to B, a signal is displayed, but simply no messages and calls come through until a restart. I’m pretty frustrated right now. I don’t hear anything more about buying spare parts here either. So why advertise a replaceable battery. Then it has no added value compared to other phones with a fixed battery.
So now I use the Mp02 without any problems (it’s also a great phone), but my heart belongs to the Mudita Pure.


I think today I have finally said goodbye to Pure, as painful as it is. Since the last update, I had tested it again a bit. As I said, there was an error with the e-ink display when writing text messages, which is very annoying. Today, another important SMS did not reach the recipient and when I wanted to make a call, I got a dial tone but the recipient did not receive a call. This is really no longer a bearable state. Since the update regarding Voice Over LTE is also being postponed again and again, and the demand for spare parts such as an additional battery (it was advertised that the battery can be replaced) is going nowhere, I will probably try to sell the Pure. It’s a shame and hurts my heart, because otherwise it’s exactly the phone that suits me. If only these problems were not there. So now I’m definitely sticking with the MP02 from Punkt. I don’t know if I will look at the new phone from Mudita later, since I have now spent so much money. Over 300 euros for the Pure and then again as much for the MP02. It’s just a shame and I would really like to see a revised version of the Pure, perhaps at a reduced price for those customers who can’t use the first model properly.
Nevertheless, thank you for the journey you have taken with me as Mudita. You have changed a lot in my life and I use other products from you with much joy and satisfaction.


I don’t blame you. I am still stuck with my Mudita and although I love the concept of the phone I have owned the Cat s22 flip for 2 weeks now and its just fantastic. It does not let me down has the apps I need and I can be reached when I need to be reached. I don’t see myself going back to a pure dumbphone because this phone just has everything I need and although technically a smartphone because of its small screen and design none of my addictive smartphone habits have come back.


The pure team should have tested it well before selling this phone. Now they are sending mails to give feedback on the colour of next phone. Please make the internal things work (good signal reception, no crash and reliable clear calls) not the outside looks (colour, shapes). I didn’t reply to that mail for my feedback of their next phone colour.


Could not agree more. The phone is gorgeous but in North America frustrating to use.

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@cardio79 & @ramamohan Thanks for the feedback. We really appreciate it. We do understand that Mudita Pure may not have met everyone’s expectations and we’re doing our best to make sure that our new phones do :slight_smile:

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I know they will! I know I have been critical of the Mudita team but I know in my gut you guys are all great people trying to make our digital lives better. The team put out a phone and it was a learning process, and I know your new devices will rock, I am 100 percent confident of that :slight_smile:


@cardio79 Mudita Pure was a HUGE learning experience for us. We are committed to making the next phones the best ones yet!


I honestly every time I put this phone away I contemplate putting a sim back in it lol. I know it works on Chatr so I am thinking as long as the Cat flip can get a signal in the basement using chatr then I can put my chatr sim in my mudita whenever I need my fix. I just can’t explain the feeling having the phone on my person has. It just has this calming effect. I am wondering if I got a fido 4g phone plan if that somehow would improve the connectivity along with the sticker being off in the back.

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I am also wondering Urszula if I go with a 4G chatr plan do you think this would improve the connectivity?
Because in the past when I used Chatr or Fido there were 3G plans. I am wondering if I choose a 4G plan if having a 4g sim card would improve the connectivity, that combined with removing that sticker that seems to slightly improve the low sar

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You know what I am going to try it, got nothing to lose. I am pay 30 dollars a month right now with lucky mobile so I don’t mind testing out a 4g chatr sim plan and see if that improves the signal inside even more. See what this phone does to me! lol

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Punkt. just launched the MC02:

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