Mudita Pure Bugs?

Hi , wondering how people’s experience with their new Mudita pure is going? I have an excessive amount of bugs since the last update. The phone does not reliably receive texts or calls, cannot reliably send texts (I almost always have to re-send), cannot reliably connect to Mudita centre. I also have not been able to tether the phone to Mac. Audio quality for phone calls via the ear piece is so poor it’s almost unusable. Are these bugs planned to be fixed? Is anyone else experiencing this or is something wrong with my phone?

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Since posting this 10 minutes ago my phone also now won’t even turn on… I tried tethering to the Mudita centre, Mudita centre first said it could see the phone but then said it wasn’t connected, however the phone still showed tethering. I unplugged the phone, it still said tethering. I switched the phone off now it won’t turn back on… can I get a refund? Pretty disappointed.

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One of the reasons among many I am getting a refund. Phone call quality being the main one. Decided I did not want to wait till July to get the phone and find out the call quality is subpar. When I get more evidence of call quality and messaging specifically I may revisit purchasing the mudita. Considering the Sunbeam F1 right now


@Elizabeth_Galanis Thank you for your feedback. We’re sorry that you’re experiencing problems. Could you please elaborate on the text/call issue? Does it seem to you that it has gotten worse since the update? Were the calls/texts coming in fine previously?
Also, one of the things that our devs recommend doing is sending logs to Mudita via Mudita Center. This allows them to recreate the issues you’re having & find solutions. Here are the instructions:

Yea I’m experiencing a few bugs too, mostly it seems to freeze and stop receiving any calls/texts for a few hours, and then I have to play with the settings or power it on/off to get it to come alive again. On my end I can’t send texts at all. It’s doing it’s job but not extremely conveniently so far. Hopefully stability will improve with future updates.

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@davidb we are planning on releasing a new update next month. There’s a roadmap for what is planned. We included it in the most recent update.