Mudita Pure and APN Settings

When I tried to set up a feature phone on Pure TalkUSA, I noticed that this MVNO sent the phone (a Nokia 225 4G) a message – perhaps an MMS message? – that seemed to imply that it would auto-configure my phone’s APN settings. The message had no automated effect on my feature phone, however.

I later learned that Pure TalkUSA has a page to explain what to put in the various APN settings.

Unfortunately, the “labels” that this carrier uses for the various fields do not match that feature phone’s labels for the various APN fields. I suspect that Pure TalkUSA assumed that I was using a smartphone, where perhaps the field labels are more consistent.

Question 1: Will there be such a thing as “APN settings” for the Mudita Pure?

I ask because this was my first need to concern myself with these settings.

If “Yes” to Question 1, then here’s Question 2: Will there be a way for the Mudita Pure to populate its APN settings automatically from this kind of message from a carrier?

I ask because I noticed here this claim:

Most carriers configure the APN settings automatically the moment you activate your phone.

If “No” to Question 2, then here’s Question 3: Will the labels of the APN-settings fields in the Mudita Pure match the labels used by smartphones for those same fields?

I don’t know whether iOS and Android use the same labels for APN-settings fields, but I am assuming, perhaps erroneously, that they are standardized across the two operating systems.

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@kirkmahoneyphd I will ask our team about this. However, looking through the settings on my prototype, I don’t see APN settings. From my limited tech knowledge, APN is the name for the settings the phone reads to set up a connection to the gateway between your carrier’s cellular network and the public Internet. Since Mudita Pure does NOT have access to the internet (no browser) then I don’t think APN settings are necessary.


Most phones have APN settings, so I’m sure since it will work as a modem, it should have APN settings.


@kirkmahoneyphd My team got back to me & informed me that there are APN settings in Mudita Pure. I asked our team to clarify & be more specific, so I can address your other questions as well.


Any update on this? I’m having issues.

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@mmallen37 Can you please specify what kind of issues are you experiencing? Text? Phone call? SIM card connection? This way I get get you the right info.

I’m also having an issue connecting with Pure TalkUSA. While the phone recognizes the SIM card (the correct phone number is showing in the SIM1 slot), the top left of the Mudita Pure screen that shows the number of bars just displays an * and i’m getting no service.

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Update: It took about 30min for the phone to sync with my carrier Pure TalkUSA. I can confirm i can make calls and send messages now


@tristangrant GREAT! Thanks for the feedback.

Can anyone else comment that it takes “some time” for the phone to connect to the network & for it to start responding to texts & calls?

My phone worked for approx 2 weeks and then there was no more service. X and no bars. I went to the app settings and they weren’t exactly what the carrier says they should be. The fields don’t match what the carrier says should be there. However, the sim card worked when placed in two different phones.

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@mmallen37 Did the carrier give you the info so you can manually input it into Mudita Pure? You can change them in the device.

Hey there, is your phone still working? I was on US mobile for about 2 weeks and then it stopped working.

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