Mudita Harmony Frozen

Hey guys, my Mudita Harmony froze two days ago… (on the clock screen).

I tried resetting it using two buttons but no go… any idea what I can do? I only bought it around 2 months ago.


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@konradsyx Thank you for reaching out. There a few things you can try to get it up & working again.
Can you charge your Mudita Harmony? When you do plug it in, what happens?
Sometimes this happens when the batter is dead & E ink does not completely clear the display. When you are charging your alarm clock, please make sure you use a 5V, 2Amp charger.
We talk about the difference here: You can see pictures:

Nothing happens when I plug it in (and i’ve tried even a 25v charger).
Also phone? it’s the alarm clock haha

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@konradsyx Type re:the phone. I was writing about Pure, right before I responded to your post. LOL
From what I learned regarding charging, the amps matter a bit more than the volts.
Does anything happed when you plug it to your computer, as if you would be updating the software?
If it’s still not helping, then, please contact our customer support at & our team will work with you further, possibly replacing your device.

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