Mudita Center Desktop App for Android

Will the Mudita Center Desktop App be available on Android?

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@kxkx I am checking on this for you.

@kxkx My team just told me that it will not be available on Android. It will just be a desktop /laptop app.

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Okay thank you. Will the mudita center app be open source?

Perhaps then we can port it over to Android.

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As far as I know it will be open source and built on top of Electron js, so it’s based in web technology, could be possible to port it to Android but not ideal.
For a more cross platform and performance-conscious approach it would be better if they’ve chosen Flutter, it’s the quickest way to bring native apps to most platforms (Web, Desktop, iOS, Android…) but obviously the downside is that you need devs that know the Dart programming language


@kxkx Mudita Center desktop app will be open sourced on the day of the launch of Pure. Source code will be available on GitHub. Hopefully this helps. :slight_smile: