Mudita Bell Update: Finalizing the details

We’d like to share with you some fresh information about the progress of Mudita Bell! We keep working on it and you can expect more good news coming in the near future!


Awesome! It looks amazing!

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Do you have a general idea of what the cost will be for the Mudita Bell?

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Hi @si.kwoi.uh,
Thank you for your comment.
We are finalizing the details and this is the moment when we focus on determining the price of the device. We are working on it and the only thing I can say is that we will soon disclose the price and also when Mudita Bell will be available. :slight_smile:
Have a good day,

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Hello! Love the idea of this product. Do you have to buy the Mudita phone in order to get the alarm clock or can it be purchased regardless?

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@Allison_Leigh can be purchased regardless :slight_smile:


Great, I am very excited about this!

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@Allison_Leigh Mudita Pure and Mudita Bell are separate products. You do not have to order the phone in order to order the alarm clock. :slight_smile:

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Sounds great. Just waiting the pre-orders. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for creating this product. I’ve searched EVERYWHERE and tried so many different alarm clocks. These are the problems I’ve experienced:

  1. light does not shut off, polluting the bedroom with light, interrupting circadian rhythm and melatonin
  2. many alarm clock for some reason emit a high magnetic field (this has nothing to do with wireless RF radiation, rather it is a result of bad engineering). I have a meter that measures magnetic fields which is how I check. Sleeping next to a high magnetic field can cause cancer.
  3. the sounds are terrible
  4. too light and doesn’t stay put

I hope the Bell can address these issues - i know the light issue is already addressed via e-ink display, and the sounds are going to beautiful and soothing. Please check the magnetic field of the Bell, and make sure that it is heavy enough to stay put on the night table. Finally, if the clock has any light, I would love to see a red light so it doesn’t disrupt melatonin at night. thank you!!

p.s. i love the meditation (or workout) timer!


Any pre-order price available yet? :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your comment and interesting observations. I will pass them onto out design team. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comment. We are working on the price of Bell yet. :slight_smile:

I cannot wait for this to come out! Any ETA?

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@Felicia_Hobert Soon we will reveal everything. :slight_smile:

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I can see that first version design and functionality is already completed (great to have meditation times in it) so I will leave one feature idea for second version here:

Speaking time
I don’t want to have any light at night and prefer to listen what time is now.

I tested many Android apps and now I’m trying to use TellMeTheTime with proximity sensor that is closest to what I want but it have three problems:

  1. phone needs to be constantly next to bed
  2. Android still kill it from time to time no matter what I set in the settings
  3. sometimes Polish voice is not working without WIFI turned on

There are standalone talking clocks but they all have common problems:

  1. looks ugly (I understand they are mostly aimed for blind people but still, they are really ugly)
  2. use cheapest and worst quality speaker
  3. use horrible computer generated voices (using something like new Google voices or Amazon Polly would be way better or best real one)

I can see that with this feature probably biggest problem would be providing many languages (I would prefer to listen to it in Polish but even English would be better than nothing). Proximity sensor would probably use more energy so speaking on pushing button would be fine.

@Dobroslaw_Zybort, thank you for such an insightful comment!

This is definitely a feature we can explore - Mudita Bell product line will include a number of audio relying functions, there is indeed some space for us to experiment with voice functions.

When it comes to healthy darkness optimizing sleep, rest assured - we are very careful about the lighting and, unless turned on, the alarm clock shall not emit any light from its e-ink screen. Healthy sleep optimization remains the #1 priority for the design team.

We’ll be happy to update you with more information soon!.


Hi Muditas,
bell looks great and looking forward to it! I have one feature request - I am living with my girlfriend and would love to have one bell optimised for 2 persons usage. Being able to set at least 2 different alarms with different times, option to choose different sound for each alarm and option to visually distinguish which alarm is active and ringing. That would be so nice to have :slight_smile:


Thank you for your suggestion. :slight_smile: I will make sure to pass the idea on to our design team. :slight_smile:

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Are there any updates that can be shared about the release date for the Bell? I would love to have this as a potential holiday gift idea :slight_smile: