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Thank you for reaching out.
Is the person who is sending the SMS from an iPhone using iMessage?
First, make sure the person sending the text message configures their iPhone to send SMS messages.
If someone mostly only sends iMessages to other iPhone users, this may rarely be an issue, but there is a setting to use SMS when iMessage is unavailable. It’s a good idea to turn this on.
ALSO- if your Mudita Pure is using a phone number that was once in an iPhone, you need to deregister it from iMessage.

As for the issue with connecting to Mudita Center- Can you tell me if you’re getting a specific ERROR message? Are you trying to connect to a PC computer or an Apple.?

Hello.Thanks for the response.
I will try to sign off the imessage and get my friend to.
I am trying to hook up on to a mac OS catalina. The Mudita Center app.worked fine, but the center could not find the Mudita Pure. It had no trouble charging from it though.
Thanks for any light you can shed. I am committed to SAR products.

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