Look at this (what's in the basked for next Mudita Pure release)

Mudita Pure change log on Github appears constantly updated.

Thus, below a list of scheduled changes as of April 23, 2023, which should be available for the release following the current one, v1.7.0. An entry for the next scheduled release is currently pending in Mudita Pure Software Release Notes on Mudita Support page.

I feel these deserve a kind of “looking forward” shout out :yum:


  • Added input mode selection display timeout
  • Added MMI/USSD code confirmation
  • Added VoLTE support in Poland, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada and Austria

Changed / Improved

  • Replaced English labels occuring in French translation with French ones
  • Added new field to deviceInfo endpoint
  • Made EULA window scroll by a few lines at once
  • Updated Bluetooth stack
  • Unified GUI flow for adding contact with number already present in another contact
  • Decrease critical battery level from 10% to 5%
  • Optimized E-Ink energy consumption


  • Fixed wrong USSD flow when user closed USSD popup with back button
  • Fixed broken abbreviating of multiline text messages content in deletion window
  • Fixed misleading labels in the Phonebook application when using search engine
  • Fixed text pasting in new contact window when some text is already present there
  • Fixed unnecessary deep refresh when pressing up arrow in empty list view
  • Fixed going back to Messages instead of Contacts in case message thread was previously opened from Contacts
  • Fixed autoconnecting other BT devices when another one is already connected
  • Fixed going to Calls instead of Contacts after aborted or confirmed attempt to create contact from Calls
  • Fixed misleading “Nie” abbreviation for word “Niedziela” (Sunday) in new alarm window
  • Fixed automatic message pasting into content field in thread view after message forwarding
  • Fixed redundant logs about CSQ reporting mode
  • Fixed adding USSD codes to phonebook
  • Fixed slider-related crash on phone turn off

My favorites are:

Living in one of those countries. It pains me to see Mudita Pure switching to 2G for a call when there is 4G available. Apart from that I wonder what is the impact on battery capacity when functionality is available.

HFP (Hands free profile) appears not functional when connecting Mudita Pure with my car. I wonder if this change makes a difference. Mudita Pure Bluetooth compatibility with other devices could be an interesting topic on its own.

Looking forward using Mudita Pure for 7 days without charging it :sweat_smile:

Aside, that any fixed bug/cause for crash reduces additional effort by the OS to deal with it e.g., a reboot to restore a functional state. Hence, less need of energy lesser charge cycles increasing battery life and effectiveness. IMHO.


Looks things are looking up :slight_smile:


@sv3np We’re glad that you’re excited. I have reached out to the team about these functions, so I can get a date when they might be released. So, stay tuned! GREAT things are happening. :grinning:


While 7 days with 4G is optimistic, I am glad that the e-ink power consumption is making it to the device. :slight_smile: