Let's Discuss Self-Care

We all know self-care is extremely important. Individuals who make time to care for themselves are in-tune with their bodies and are knowledgeable about their mental and physical well-being needs. Although it may sound simple, many of us pay little attention to self-care.
When you care for yourself, it’s a healing journey.
Self-care encourages us to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves, so that we can pass the good vibes onto others.
The last year and a half has brought self-care to the forefront. However, at Mudita, we always like to push boundaries and this time we take the idea of self-care up a notch.
In our latest BLOG article, we introduce you to some unconventional, and we must admit, slightly bizarre wellness trends, which are all the rage right now.
Let us know which one are you willing to try!


I suppose that I practice “Sound Therapy” with this:

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@kirkmahoneyphd This is a very interesting product. Thanks for sharing! I was Flaneuring all weekend :smiley:

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Apparently I do a few of these!

“Flaneuring” I just call “going for a walk”, usually with a joint lol.

“Biohacking” I got into from a dietary perspective because I developed GI issues that my gastroenterologist didn’t want to help me with. I never took the pills he wanted to throw at me, and have been trying to home in on my ideal diet for years. Diet is a moving target, though, so none of it gets stale!

And as for “grounding”, I’ve been doing that since I was a preteen. Grounding and centering is common practice in many pagan traditions.

As for hay… I have been tempted to make a straw mattress before…

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@boneblack Good for you! I think it’s GREAT that you’re not afraid of alternative ways to boost your heath & well-being.

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