Less emf products nice, but rather not need them

I wonder should I cancel my phone order. why do I need a phone? I have not friends or co-workers. why? I don’t leave the house. people forget about you if you no longer go into it. we have made our home safer for me. replaced plastic electric wires with shielded ones (metal clad the call it I think) before we replaced all electric wiring, we turned off the electricity except things like the smokies, and stove, washer dryer stuff like that. (for 1 whole year)

We also added shielded electric cords to all printers, computes, and lamps. We unplug unused kitchen appliances when not in use. replaced the smart meter with analog. use incandescent light bulbs. and a big one: installing Ethernet down inside the walls to both TVs, and computers. too bad Ethernet won’'t fix the phone lines. Ever with not a single land line (real phone) installed, the phone lines running down the walls produce fields. we have 5 phone lines in our home. I could go on but you get it.

Sadly, I find this existence a lonely place to be. I see my hubby everyday, but no one else ever, no one but the birds and squirrels at the feeders. I think I am better than I was due to avoidance and time to recover from exposures like electric company slapping a smart meter on our home without even asking.

Is there a way yo be cured or heal from this horrible condition? they will probably delete this as in inappropriate but oh well.

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I think there may be more going on than just the lack of need for Low EMF products. Cutting or limiting our use of technology does not mean we have to cut ourselves off from human contact. Making the choice to isolate oneself is, in fact a choice. No one can make that choice for you, but YOU.


I also agree with Ula. Technology is just a tool that we might chose to use or not. We are all different, we all have different needs. However being a part of community, spending time together with another human being is just in our nature. I believe that many people noticed how easy it became to neglect relationships nowadays. This is also why often people choose to consciously unplug, to spend more mindful time with family, friends and communities around us. Real life connections are very important for our wellbeing. :relaxed:


@hoshi , it sounds like you are saying you are suffering from sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. If I understand you correctly, your sensitivity leads you to isolate at home (where you have shielded as much as you can), and this is making you feel lonely and depressed because you are less “visible”, therefore less people contact you. So you are wondering if you should cancel your order because you have no use for a phone at all?

Perhaps the Mudita Pure can help, because its lower SAR values mean that you might be able to talk/text people a bit more without side-effects? Would it be possible for you to make a habit of regularly calling or texting one or two of your contacts, to get back in touch with them? They might be glad to hear from you, if you have not spoken to each other for a long time. If you slowly explain things to them, they might agree to visit (turning-off their cellphone while they visit you), or meet somewhere with less electromagnetic radiation (a place in nature with less cellphone coverage).

Would you perhaps be able to pick one or two friends to “reconnect” with each day/week (as you feel able) to simply say “hello, how are you, long time no see”?

A lot of my friends and acquaintances do not contact me much anymore because I don’t go on (anti-)social media much anymore, but the few contacts I do have are much more meaningful and I was surprised at how many people do actually call or send an SMS when you deactivate WhatsApp and Facebook. Even just ceasing to use them eventually teaches people that the only way to get a response is to call or text. So while I am not “visible” and in peoples’ minds much anymore, when I do make contact with someone it is far more meaningful and worthwhile.