Is your smartphone sabotaging your ability to have meaningful relationships?

We used to meet people through proximity, taking our time, getting to know each other, forming deep, intimate relationships. However, in this day and age more and more people are finding love in their inboxes, and experiencing the ups and down of it through digital communications and relationship statuses on social media. In our latest blog post by Jadelin Pikake Felipe, we discuss the complexities of relationships in the digital age.
Are human connections becoming more transient and superficial?
Are relationships in the digital age becoming more transactional? Let us know your thoughts.


Great questions, @urszula!

Here are some questions for those who have converted their smartphones into dumbphones (while waiting for their new Pure phones to arrive!):

  • Has your spouse or partner done the same thing? If not, do you have a live-and-let-live attitude toward this?

  • When someone else uses a smartphone beyond calling or texting, do you feel envy, pity, irritation, something else, or nothing?

  • Do you now have more patience OR less patience for anyone who reaches every minute for a smartphone?

  • Do you now feel more isolated from OR more connected to smartphone users?

  • If you feel more isolated, are you trying to reconnect with them OR are you seeking new friends?

  • How has your view of others’ relationships changed (if it has)?

  • In the language of The Matrix, do you feel as if you have red-pilled your relationships?


@kirkmahoneyphd I was inspired by your post to write a blog about smartphones & relationships. Check it out: Is your SMARTPHONE sabotaging your relationship? Also, I was wondering if we could share your questions with our community? Please let me know.


@urszula, please feel free to share my questions! I enjoyed the article, starting with the photo at the top, with the priceless expression of the woman (who also has a smartphone!) looking at the man with a smartphone!

By the way, words seem to be missing in this sentence: “A recent estimated that we pick up our smartphones approximately 150 times a day and devote almost .”

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@kirkmahoneyphd We’re having a bit of a problem with our site builder. It’s fixed now. It usually happens when I try to post footnotes. It should by fine now. Thanks for letting me know.


I find it most annoying when you go out to dinner with your family and everyone is on their phones. It’s like, why did we even go out in the first place. I try to make my kids leave their phones in the car before we enter the restaurant because otherwise, there is zero conversation.