Is technological innovation a Pandora's Box?

Winston Churchill once said “We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.”
When it comes to technological innovation, without a doubt, we have shaped technology to allow us to be, not only more connected, but also more efficient and productive. Technology is now shaping virtually every aspect of our daily lives, transforming the social order throughout the globe and changing the way we experience the world around us. While much of it has been good, there is an increasing recognition of potential downsides and risks. Over time, we have allowed technology to define and shape who we are.
We discuss the concept of unplugging and its impact on the college experience in our latest post on our blog. Join the conversation and let us know, when it comes to technology, have we reached a point of no return? Or is there still time to make a change?


It’s funny reading any book by William Gibson as he seems to predict future trends with uncanny accuracy. Neuromancer coined the internet terminology and conceptual framework for cyberspace. Zero History seems to have inspired a lot of the algorithm world we now live in.

I’m a bit scared of what The Peripheral and Agency mean for the 2030s.

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