Is MMS being added to the Pure soon?

So while my Pure was getting assessed for a warranty claim I rediscovered my Light Phone 2 – which supports MMS by forwarding them to your email. Is this something coming for the Pure? Maybe to Mudita Center if it’s not possible with no wifi antenna on the phone? I feel like I remember it being discussed in the forum a while ago :thinking:

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This would be very welcome if added


@grilledcheesebb @shak Thanks for your question. I’m unfamiliar with how Light Phone handles it, however, here in Poland (and maybe others can chime in from the rest of Europe) this depends on the network service provider- how they handle those type of messages. As far as I know, Light Phone has internet access. It has maps & you can use email. Mudita Pure is completely offline (except for tethering) so MMS messages won’t come through. You need a data connection.
Although MMS does not use the typical internet protocols we associate with browsing or using most apps, instead, MMS uses the carrier’s data network. So, while you technically need “data” access to send and receive MMS messages, you don’t need “internet” access in the way you might think of it.

In Poland, the carrier PLUS will send you a text message with a link to grab the MMS from the internet. However, I was not able to get that on the PLAY network here in Poland. I don’t know if it’s the same in other countries, but here in Poland it’s the carrier network that decides how they handle those MMS messages.

Oh, okay!

I think the forwarding happens with the LightPhone worldwide. They get you to sign up for an account with them with your email and when you get an mms it can be forwarded to your email – and yes, it does have an internet connection to do this (you can use it as a hotspot and it has directions and podcasts), so that makes sense. (No email though!)

I was wondering more about how the Pure can use data when connected to a computer using Mudita Center – it would be cool if there was a way you could view the mms in the message interface in Mudita Center – and just the regular icon shows up when the phone is not connected to a computer/Mudita Center.


Yeah this is one feature among others I love about the light phone 2, I am actually close to getting it again , it just has a lot of useful tools and although it is not as nice as the mudita appearance wise its reliable when you need it!


Light phone does not have email on the phone, pictures and texts are forwarded to email if you want