Initial Mudita Harmony Reviews

Let’s use this thread to share feedback from Mudita Harmony:
Here are some links of feedback posted in other threads.
@regbarata posted his feedback along with some ideas for new features
@Dobroslaw_Zybort also posted his first impressions of the alarm clock


I have received both the Harmony and the Bell so I would like to offer my first impressions of the Harmony at this time.


  • Excellent Build Quality: The device feels substantial and robust and the plastic seems of a high grade quality.

  • E-ink Display: The display is very clear to see in a well lit environment and I don’t notice any refresh blips when the time changes or when I interact with the menu

  • Light: I find the variance of intensity from 1 - 10 to be very agreeable. The highest intensity can be a bit much if glaring directly in to it however I can see it being very helpful in certain situations if only…SEE CONS.

  • Sound: This is an understandably subjective viewpoint but I will offer my perspective in any case. The speaker provides clear sound and this remains so from volume 1 - 10. There is no vibrational sounds within the body of the device at volume 10 which can sometimes happen with cheaper constructed devices. I do however have a slight issue with the sound that I will touch upon in the cons.

  • Button Placement and Feel: Once again a totally suggestive viewpoint but I enjoy the feel of the buttons and they are easy enough to find whilst fumbling around in the dark. There is a nice click of the light and back buttons that I didn’t realize I had missed from all of the years using a touch screen but there is something to be said for that satisfying tactile feedback. The main button is big enough to accommodate my large hands and it turns rather smoothly with no noticeable grinding or obstructions from the surrounding housing. I do however have a slight issue with the main button that I will touch upon in the cons.

  • Features/Open Source: I appreciate the variety of features and functions that I have at my disposal even though I do have some issues with some of the implementations. There are some nice sound selections for both the relaxation and alarm modes and the customizable chime intervals for the meditation timer is also very nice. The bedtime reminder is also very cool and I can see that becoming a main fixture in my sleep wellness routine.

  • USB Type C: It is good that I don’t have to have a proprietary cable or an older version of USB to deal with. My USB cable that powered my dual purpose alarm clock/Galaxy Note can now serve to charge/power my Harmony with my Note being relegated to another room for the night like a spouse in the doghouse.

  • Packaging: This is just the artist in me but I love cleanly presented packaging.


  • Inability to Add Audio Files: I realize that this will be addressed in a future update but it is something that I wish were already implemented at launch. I have some meditative 437 Hz audio files as well as a few audiobooks that would have been perfect if for no other reason to help streamline my current set up of a mini bluetooth speaker and an old iPod.

  • Light Duration: I am very appreciative of an integrated light that can be set to automatically come on with any interaction however I am disappointed that I cannot select to keep the light on beyond 5 seconds. This is a feature that has been included in the Bell’s functionality and I have no idea why it is not included for the Harmony. There are situations where having a longer period of illumination could be quite helpful, i.e: getting dressed or maneuvering around your bedroom without engaging the over head light or a larger lamp. The Bell offers enough light for me to safely navigate my bedroom and make preparations without creating so much light as to disturb my partner. I hope that this is something that can be addressed in a future update.

  • Light Intensity Customization or lack thereof: I hate to keep pitting the Harmony up against a close relative but it cannot be avoided, the Bell can adjust the intensity with the main button as soon as the light has been activated yet the Harmony cannot do this. Once again I have no idea why this is not a feature on the Harmony because it is very useful. Once the level of light intensity has been selected in the settings then it is fixed and any attempts to adjust it with the main button thereafter only changes the alarm time. I really hope this can be included in a future update because it is very useful as the Bell illustrates.

  • Pre-Alarm light: This is a minor gripe but I wish that the light would gradually come on simulating a sunrise rather than just coming on abruptly. When the Bell’s (there goes that relative again) light comes on or goes off it seems to have a more gradual transition. Perhaps there could be a way in a future update to adjust the transitions as a sub menu customization.

  • Relaxation Sound Duration: Currently there is only a 90 minute max playtime (no doubt capped to save battery) but I would have liked the option to either select a longer play time or have the selection auto repeat. Since the Harmony can function as a tethered device connected to the wall outlet perhaps this can be implemented in a future update when it is possible to upload your own files.

  • Main Button Sensitivity: This is another of those subjective criticisms but the main button sensitivity seems to differ at times or perhaps I have heavier hands as the day goes on. I often find myself either deactivating the alarm or not doing anything so I suppose there is a tactile familiarity curve that I must learn.

  • Menu Font Size: Just a little nit pick but I think it would be cool if the font size could be customized to the individual who may need the font larger or smaller (in my case larger).

  • Quick Start Guide: The only thing this quickly started was my frustrations as it guided me to go to the website. I could not find how to check the battery level, luckily this was addressed in the forum but I should not have to scour a forum for information that should have been provided within my instructions manual. At the time of this writing I did not find the full guide on the website.

Overall Conclusions: I really like my Harmony and I appreciate it as a step towards decluttering my night stand and creating a techno minimalist environment in my bedroom. I feel that most if not all of my concerns can be addressed on the software side of things and with the OS being open source I look forward to new and interesting features.


Hell @skilletsauce thank you for your review and honesty! We are already discussing most of the issues you mentioned in cons but i’ll most definitely highlight the urgency of some of the feature. I do agree it’d be great to provide all of our customers with all advanced features but we made a decision to work a little bit more on them to provide the highest quality possible and we did not want to postpone the shipment. Thankfully we are able to update Harmony through Mudita Center and everyone would be able to enjoy new features as they come. I also appreciate the Pros you mentioned! You seem quite happy with the device overall, nice to hear that. :slightly_smiling_face:


@skilletsauce Thanks for taking the time to write down all your thoughts. We really appreciate it.

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@skilletsauce I am curious which one do you like better? Mudita Harmony or Mudita Bell?

I would have to say that I slightly enjoy the Harmony a little more despite the issues that I addressed because of the features. The Bell just works and the 10 minute light and ability to adjust the light intensity is utilized nightly. I only have 2 issues with the Bell and that’s the time adjust button being so smooth as to be hard to grip and turn and the single direction of both the alarm and the time set buttons. I think if there were a little texture or serrations on the time set button it would basically be perfect. For my wants I would still lean towards the Harmony but the Bell is closer to being the complete article I think at this stage.

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Hi there,

Not a thorough feedback yet as I just received my Harmony today.
The first impression is rather positive although I cannot turn the clock on. It seems to have arrived uncharged and I cannot find the expected charging time anywhere in the manual.

By the way, where can I find the full user manual on your website?

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@ptaked Charge it for at least an hour. Two if you want to be safe.
When you receive Mudita Harmony, it’s in “Transportation Mode” so it’s safe during shipping. Charge it for at least an hour & you should be good to go.
We are making some changes to the full user manual & it will be online shortly.

Thank you. I will do as advised.

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@ptaked Let us know how it goes & if you’re experiencing any issues.

A quick follow-up.

After ten days, I’m charging Mudita Harmony for the first time with 13%. I wrote before that I would expect around one month, but I was too optimistic. However, I don’t feel it is a bad thing. 10-12 days of battery for everyday use is ok for me.

I want to report a curious situation. When I adjusted the hours the first time, it was only a few seconds desynchronized from my mac. Ten days after, I see a plus three minutes difference. Is anyone experiencing the same thing?


I too see more of a drain from the battery than I expected. The Bell clearly out performs the Harmony in the battery category which I found interesting since it actually has a physical mechanism.

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I suppose it has to do something with the insufficient software optimization in the Harmony (the same problem as the Pure has), which could be improved via a software update.


FedEx delivered my Mudita Harmony on Friday evening, so here’s my side-by-side comparison of it vs. my Braun Classic Travel Analogue Clock, which I have moved to my office and will take with me on trips.

Five Benefits of the Braun over the Harmony

  1. Cheaper
  2. Lighter
  3. Smaller
  4. Longer-lasting energy
  5. Seconds display (hand)

Ten Benefits of the Harmony over the Braun

  1. Adjustable brightness
  2. Multiple melodies & nature sounds
  3. Louder
  4. Rechargeable
  5. Meditation timer
  6. Power-nap timer
  7. Bedtime reminder
  8. Relaxation sounds
  9. Pre-wake-up tone and/or light
  10. Wake-up light (as well as tone)

In my opinion, each is worth what it costs for what it does.


I also like my harmony very much so far. One thing I’d like to change is the wakeup light. When snoozing it immediately turns off. It would be nice if one could configure if it should stay on during snooze or maybe fade out and fade in again.


After using the Harmony for two weeks I noticed that there is some light leakage coming from the side housing. I did not see this initially due to the clock face pointing directly at me when the dial was illuminated but by happenstance I had a different angle and noticed the leakage. I wonder if anyone else has this issue?

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I posted a mini update to my initial review as it pertained to the housing of the Harmony. There is some light leakage coming from the seam of the housing due to an ill fitting cover ring. I have enclosed 2 images in my follow up.


I see less light leakage than you see when I set my light level to the highest (10) – as if the front ring fits my Harmony better than your front ring fits your Harmony.


@skilletsauce Thanks for sharing the pictures. I’ve forwarded your feedback to the design team & I am waiting to hear back. In the meantime I will check my Harmony when it gets dark.


The issue occurs when brightness level is between 5-10. It’s the left side of the housing. I will check the Bell when it gets dark and give you my feedback.

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