I guess I missed the chaos :)

So, apparently yesterday FB/INSTA/Whatsapp all had a HUGE outage which lasted OVER 5 HOURS. Since I’m really not a heavy user of any of those services, I just found out about it like NOW. Seems like it was a pretty big deal. It really makes me happy I lead quite a technologically mindful lifestyle, that such huge earth-shaking outages don’t even affect me. This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

What are your thoughts?


I also read about it and I’m happy that I’m not on FB, Instagram, etc,etc.

For other side, there are two notes on it: A necessary discussion about the FB monopoly, and the lack of balance of how people are addicted and dependent to a virtual concept.

As I read before: “Humans are hooked. Machines are learning”.

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@regbarata From what I’ve read it was a major disruption for a lot of people & businesses. I do agree with you, many people do have all their eggs in one basket & when something goes wrong, it literally cripples them. I’m not a huge fan of government regulation, but when one company has this much power of people, it’s just not good.


I’m glad that this was “Ho-hum” news to me, given that I am not on any of those platforms.

^ As a marketing teacher taught me years ago, don’t rely on social media to build a business’s online presence. If your business has a large following on social media and anything ever happens on a social-media site (from outages to change in policies to shadow banning to outright ejection from the site), then your business can suffer – slightly to permanently.


@kirkmahoneyphd I’m totally with you!

I saw this on Reddit & it made me giggle :smiley:


I get on Facebook and Instagram about 1 or 2 times a week, catch up on what my friends are up to, and then log out. Had no clue it all shut down until much later while on the phone with a friend. I was shocked, but was relieved to know none of that chaos had affected me. I had a very pleasant day during all of that, lol.

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@hummingbird12 That’s exactly what I do, except I have Twitter & INSTA. I was pretty oblivious to the whole thing until this morning.

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Same i dont use any if those services i stay away from big tech services like that

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