I find Mudita Pure unreliable, but still try to use it

Hi there,
I’m using my Mudita Pure for 4 months by now. I bought it second-hand from someone (since I didn’t want to wait for it and I don’t preorder). Also, a little bit cheaper than new phone :wink:

I am trying to get rid of my smartphone from my life. So I’ve made a plan:

  1. write down (in paper!) list of things I use my smartphone for
  2. cross out anything that is really not necessary in my life
  3. write down how can I do all of these things without smartphone
  4. mark all the things which cannot be done without smartphone (there are such things!)

This happened to be quite big task, but my personal list is as follows:

  • calendar → paper calendar
  • check out current time → a watch
  • morning weather forcast → ?
  • mobile token for 2FA in my work finance system → no replacement
  • mobile app for private banking (especially 2FA) → one could do without, but it is quite costly
  • personal finance tracker → ?
  • notepad → physical copy (combined with paper calendar?)
  • timetables for public transport → I can plan ahead, besides most of bus stops have their timetables, so I can manage with a watch. But still, I lose live info on delays
  • alarm → get alarmclock + watch with an alarm
  • keeping track of good habits → physical notebook?
  • instant copy of important documents (which I get quite often) → can live without it
  • Signal messenger → can live without it
  • taking photos → can live without it. When really needed, like on a trip, I can take compact camera
  • opening parcel lockers → ? (still no idea how to get it working, maybe by SMS?)
  • dual SIM - one for work (mandatory), one for private → I still cannot resolve it. Unfortunatelly, switching from one SIM to another is no way for my situation. I need my private phone to be on at anytime, for safety and emergency support for my family and friends.
  • listening to music → just get my good old MP3 player back

As you can see, I could safely manage without a smartphone, and even without a phone. So what do I need Mudita Pure for? Only three things:

  1. calling and texting
  2. tethering
  3. contacts
    And that’s it - I don’t need those fancy functions like alarm, music, meditation timer or low SAR. In fact, I haven’t found any other “dumbphone” which had this sweet, sweet combo of tethering + no Internet client, which is odd, but just what I need.

Most unfortunatelly, I have to say, that even for those three basic features I found out, that I start see my Pure as unreliable. Why is that?

Well, one thing is for sure - the phone does call, text and tether Internet. But there are little, but increasingly annoying issues, that make my experience bad.

…First and foremost - calling…
For now, I use my smartphone and Pure at the same time. They have the same kind of SIM card from the same mobile service provider, so the comparison seems fair to me. I regularly find out, that at the same place and time, those two phones have different calling and signal experience. Most of the time, there is no difference, but from time to time, Pure has its issues, which add up to that I cannot rely completely on it. For example - I’ve had a call-in appointment for medical assistance. As I was on a call, I suddenly lost signal on Pure, so the call disconnected. After like 15 minutes Pure got it signal back (at the same place!), without any apparent reason. Maybe it is due to this “low gain/high gain antenna” switch implemented in Pure. IDK, but it is still worse experience than my most typical Android smartphone.

Long calls - I very often have to make long calls (40 min+). Almost every time, on a span of these calls, my callees tell me that “I lost you” (for a brief moment), or they didn’t hear what I say, or that they don’t hear me well. Few times I tried to call the same person, in the same place, from my Android phone and we didn’t experience these issues.

Long start time - this is most baffling issue for me. Sometimes I need to restart the phone or it just crashes. What is happening is that the phone starts quite fast, but for like a 20-40 seconds it does not get any signal. I think there is some issue, that the “signal module” starts some time after full start of the phone. In case of emergency - this is completely unacceptable. I believe that calling module should be absolutelly first to start at boot up.

No signal - for the span of travelling to many different places, also other countries, most of the time Pure has some signal. But there are arbirary, typically short periods (up to few minutes) of no signal without any apparent reason. It’s not that I live in the woods far from any antennae. At the same time (for these 4 months of use), I’ve never lost signal anywhere on Android smartphone (besides underground). I tried changing SIM card, fixing the SIM card holder etc. So I see this as purely Pure’s problem.

…then texting…
I don’t text that often. When I need to write a long message, I’d rather call instead. But the situation may be that I cannot call or for some reason don’t want to, so SMS module is quite important anyways.

I’ve sent tens of messages by Pure and in this I find some small, minor issues too, which add up to bad experience. I don’t call the lack of T9 dictionary, which is no problem for me.

For example - did you know, that changing letter typing to “Abc” doesn’t work in certain combinantions? Or that sending message combined with “no signal” issue doesn’t effectively inform user that the message has not been sent? Or that sending MMS to Pure gives this strange “☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐” message (instead of SMS with link and password for online MMS reading)?
Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. These are not major issues, but they add up to a bad experience…

…and tethering…
So first of all, I have to admit I couldn’t fully understand how it will work before purchase. Now I know that it just is Pure->USB->PC connection, which is seen as ethernet connection on Windows 11. Fortunatelly, in Windows I can set that this specific Ethernet connection is metered connection.

I use tethering almost exclusively en route (bus, train, car). That is quite normal, that somewhere there will be no connection, so it isn’t that strange that it loses the signal.
So for comparison, I tried to get the signal from my Android device at the same trip. What is my impression is that statistically Android hotspot has had shorter timespans of no signal than Pure tethering on the same road. Once again - this is not an issue that I can report or catch “red-handed”. It’s just overall experience, and quite fair comparison with the competition I suppose.

I know that most of these issues are vague and can be (probably) fixed by some minor tweaks. I don’t have time and drive to report every issue anytime it happens, so I just want to tell you of my overall experience and impression. You know how it works - little details make bigger picture, and the big picture is what I want to share. I’ve realized, that I do not rely on Pure as a phone, but still try to use it.


I’m really glad you shared your personal list - I’m in the process of doing the exact same thing, and it gave me some things to think about.

Other than the issues with texting (which seem to me are user interface glitches and MMS functionality issues), all of the other problems could reasonably be caused by the Pure’s attempt to lower the SAR rating via the antenna switching you mentioned. Lower radiation exposure is generally a good thing, but if it is compromising mission-critical functionality…


@avatar Regarding the lockers- I’m not sure where you are from, but here in Poland, in addition to getting the email with the QR code to scan & open the locker, you can get an SMS with a passcode to open the locker. In my case, I get an SMS letting me know that the parce has arrived at my indicated lockbox. The SMS includes a pass code. Once I’m at the lockbox, I input my code & then it asks me for the PHONE number to which that passcode was sent & POW lockbox is OPEN :smiley:

I have been using the Pure for a few weeks and have some issues of calls dropping and not being able to call/text when I needed due to no network connection. So far nothing urgent that couldn’t wait, but it does have me pondering the issue of reliability. I have even switched the SIM card back to my iPhone a couple of times I felt I absolutely had to be accessible (which was stronger when first weaning off a smartphone, not so much anymore…)
I do still keep my old iPhone at home and use it to do things like booking kids’ activities on apps, the occasional mobile check deposit, sometimes I use it for pictures and reminders, but now it’s only a few minutes a week vs the hours I used to spend mindlessly, and it feels amazing.

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@catan Thanks for the feedback. Have you had the chance to update to the newest MuditaOS update? Several users have reported that connectivity & network strength increased following the update.

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The operating system on my laptop is too old so the update cannot be done. Working on that now…


@catan Let us know if you’re able to update your device, If you are using Mudita Pure out of the box & have not been able to update your operating system since buying the phone, you might be missing out on some of the improved functionality.

So I updated my laptop’s OS but still unable to update the Pure-- the message is that the operating system is too old. The laptop or the Pure’s operating system?
I have not updated since it’s out of the box.

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@catan It’s probably the laptop. What Operating System are you using & what version of it is on your laptop?

macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7. Updated from Sierra OS.

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@catan Interesting. I’m not an expert on Mac- However, from what I do know, in keeping with Apple’s release cycle, we anticipate, macOS 10.15 Catalina will no longer receive security updates starting in November 2022 . As a result, it’s possible that is the reason why Mudita Center is having issue running on macOS 10.15 Catalina. As you know, Mudita is big on privacy & security, so this might be the cause of the issue. However, I’ve asked @Bartosz_sp2fet to comment on this.

Hi, I believe that the information in Mudita Center is misleading - if you receive a message that your OS is too old, it’s the Pure’s OS, not your computer’s - you have to update the Pure’s OS via Mudita Center to be able to use the app.

It has been already reported, that the information is misleading, so it will be corrected

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@Bartosz_sp2fet Thank you so much for the clarification.

you’re welcome :wink:

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I have updated the OS to Monterey 12.5.1 and the same thing still happens. I connect the Pure and open Mudita Center, the first message that pops up is the Pure has crashed, and then that the OS is too old.

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@catan If you start Mudita Center- is it possible for you to send logs to Mudita. Also- one of our team members suggested that what that communication comes up that the operating system being too old, just click OK. He confirmed that it’s an error in Mudita Center.

Can someone confirm that the issues with connectivity have been fixed? I was about to purchase Mudita but holding off with the decision for now. Can’t afford to miss a call.

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@catan & @shanti A new version of Mudita Center has been released. This should solve your connectivity issues. Please let us know if this works for you.

I’ve done all the updates and so far so good. Haven’t had the issue of the phone freezing randomly. I did have a call drop once; it could have been because I was driving through a pocket with spotty service. For what I want a mobile phone for, the Pure has been great.


Windows 7 is minimum, please update to at least that

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