How to upload music do mudita phone?

I’m looking for a way to save music on my phone. How in the world do I do this? :slight_smile: I can’t find the option or anything about that in the booklet or the help menu in Mudita Center.

Also - can I use my own ringtones? The ones on the phone are too agressive for me :frowning:


@szatanica Welcome to the Mudita Community.
There’s a thread dedicated to this with pictures & videos- for a PC.

Ultimately, you will be able to do this with Mudita Center, but we are still finalizing this feature. It should be available in a future update.


Sorry for zombieficating an old thread - Is there a convenient way to use the artist, album and playlist functions on the Pure? I can only see my mp3s when I dump them in through SD Card file transfer. The phone does not recognize the identification info in the mp3 file headers or flat .m3u files generated directly in original folder.

Also, there was talk early on during kickstarter of implementing Signal. Is it on roadmap at all?
And will there be a T9 equivalent as typing is hella tedious at the moment?

Apart from that, I find the phone very nice apart from the occational disconnection from network that requires phone reboot. Unfortunately, I can only use it on off-days due to lack of basic functionality like email and synchronized calendar. Then again - The Pure was never designed to replace a smartphone, so all in all, I’m happy supporting the company.


@captzalo Thanks for reaching out. Currently our team is revamping the music player, so this feature would be available with a future update.