How do you deal with stress?

I find that taking a long bath helps me to relieve stress! I usually add a combination of salts and oils, such as lavender oil and pink Himalayan salt.


I dont have many tips but I want to say that one should deal with his stress and depression as earliest as he feel before it goes to higher level where it is difficult to handle it. There is very less trend of life coaching instead people prefer psychiatrists more. A psychiatrist deals with your depression and mental disease. However, a life coach helps you to deal with your life problems i.e mental, physical, emotional and social through every stage of your life with strong spirituality. If you know that how can you live your life against hurdles and problems you can improve your life quality and leads to prosperity with high spirit. Life coaching is the natural treatment of depression according to me.


If you ask me without think too much, the way I deal with: meditation, good moments with people that make us feel well, a good music and leave the work at work.

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Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is very important to deal with stress at the earliest stage. What we can do then is to also try meditation, or whatever helps us get rid of stress. Have you had the opportunity to read about the salutary effects of meditation on our blog?

Fantastic! Keep going! :ok_hand: :sparkles:

For me, eating and listening makes me feel relaxed. Or you can say food and music. After having fantastic food, I will use my smart TV to play Spotify songs (I convert Spotify to MP3 with Spotify music converter first). Then have a nice nap.

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Information Overload” forced into your brain by devices you own that serve others to their financial, geo-political and cultural benefit above your own should be criminal but it all comes down to who is in charge.
With the amount of targeted propagandized data bombarding people from every direction, based on age, gender, political tilt, religion, medical needs, etc… It is critically important to remind ourselves constantly that WE are in charge and that it is our choice to allow or disallow what our brain and minds absorb or not. We are fast becoming the victims of our own neglect.

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To deal with stress, there are many ways. As far as I’m concerned, I’d like to do exercise and listen to pleasure Spotify music. In general, I use my AudFree Spotify Music Downloader to download and convert Spotify to MP3 with my free account. And then I will transfer Spotify music to my MP3 player so that I can listen to music while running outside. It
s one of the best ways to deal with stress for me.

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