How do you break bad habits?

The Power of Habit is an interesting book. There are so many ways to break bad habits when it comes to technology and some of those methods can definitely be applied to other areas of our lives.

It’s always interesting to think about the transferrable ways positive productivity habits can be achieved. For example, setting boundaries to prevent time sink, really helps me both at work and at home (which, when you work from home, is the same location).

If you set yourself a specific amount of time every day that you dedicate to something, it will help you replace bad habits with good ones. It’s about knowing yourself and your own limitations.

I set myself ‘Slack hours’ so that I could better focus on my work without being distracted. It’s working really well so far. The key thing is to make sure you communicate your boundaries and decisions with other people, that way they’ll be more likely to understand.


Interesting! Thanks for sharing @anon32618512. And yes, setting boundaries is a tough time, not particularly for you but for others :wink:

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