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Before you dismiss this topic after reading the title, please hear me out. When I considered getting rid of my cell phone or even limiting my cell phone use (to have more peace but also less EMF exposure), I knew it would not be possible without getting a CORDED home phone, and using it is my main communication device – a device that I use way MORE often than my cell phone. That way I can use my cell phone as an “emergency” device and it can be off or on airplane mode 99.99% of the time.

I knew that although I could have multiple corded phones throughout the house, that I needed to have at least one phone with all the bells and whistles (answering machine, speakerphone, mute, etc) for working from home, but also to make my life more pleasant.

I tried LITERALLY every phone you can think of, and after about a YEAR of trying and returning various phones, I finally found ONE PHONE that met my criteria with high enough quality. The only problem is…the winning phone is NO LONGER MADE. This phone is GE Corded Phone 29582FE1. You can only buy them used, on ebay. I debated about whether I should even post this here, because then I will be competing against many more of you to get this model for family and friends when i need to! :wink:

What did this phone have that the others did not? I will list them in order of most important/hardest features to find, to least:

  1. No lights that must be on all the time (very important for ME as I need to keep this phone in my bedroom
  2. a light that BLINKS when there is new voicemail, and doesn’t stop blinking until I listen to the voicemail.
  3. answering machine buttons…to move to next message or previous message when listening to voicemail…to delete a message, etc.

You’d be surprised to know that this GE phone is THE ONY phone that met criteria #1 and #2 and #3!

  1. speakerphone with acceptable quality (the speakerphone audio quality in the GE model is still not very good, but way better than most)
  2. button to switch to another call coming in (flash)
  3. mute button
  4. speed dial is a nice bonus
  5. digit buttons (#1-9) that do not break

I wonder if Mudita could bring us a corded home phone for use in our homes, so that we can have more peace in our lives, and less EMFs. This GE phone I’m using won’t be available forever on ebay…there will come a day when it can no longer be bought used.

I can personally testify that my life is INCREDIBLY MORE PEACEFUL since switching to my home phone as my main communication device. It is SO NICE to come home and see – is the light blinking? did i get a message? I know it sounds funny, but until you try this out again, you will not know the profound effect it will have on your life and how comforting and peaceful it is.

Would Mudita consider making this for us? Pretty pretty please???

Thank you for your consideration. You certainly don’t have any meaningful competition on the market currently!!!

If Mudita is also interested in making a secondary phone for the home, that would be great!!! Let me explain…
For other phones around the house in which I don’t need an answering machine, etc, I use the AT&T 210WH 210M Basic Trimline Corded Phone, which I purchased a few of on Amazon.

This phone works ok, is available to buy new from AT&T (unlike the GE model phone which is no longer made!), and is cheap ---- so I can make less of a case for Mudita spending time to create such a phone, but at the same time, this phone could definitely be improved!

Here is why I chose this phone:
to avoid picking up my cell phone all the time, I need to have many phones in the house — one next to the bedside (this one I’ve found to be actually the most important to avoid using my cell phone!), one in the living room, and maybe when i get my own house, one in the kitchen and bathroom next to the tub! :slight_smile:

What features does this phone have that are important?

  1. The dial buttons are on the handset rather than the phone base. VERY handy when trying to dial someone in the middle of the night.
  2. The digit buttons on the handset have a soft backlight - also handy in the night, but not a dealbreaker, i guess
  3. There is a button that allows one to turn the ring tone either 1) ON 2) LESS LOUD, or 3) OFF. This is a handy feature because it allows you to make sure that the phone won’t interrupt if someone is sick and sleeping in the bedroom, for example, or other scenarios. This feature is NOT a deal breaker; however, because you could simply unplug the phone cable if you need the phone to not ring for a period of time in a certain room.

I thank Mudita forum for considering all of this.


@Felicia_Hobert Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to us. You communicate your needs very clearly. I actually like the idea of a corded phone. I would be interested to hear from our other forum members. What do you think about a corded phone?

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@urszula I’m personally not 100% sold by a product that is just a corded homephone.

However, what about a Mudita Base for the Pure? A home phone style base that allows a coiled USB-C cord and maybe some sort of ‘home phone’ mode on the Pure that turns off some features to minimize unnecessary signals.

Stretch: If it were possible to have the base itself connect to the wall via phone line and turn the Pure into a receiver when plugged in. That way there are not outgoing signals from the phone itself. :man_shrugging:

ie: Just a fancy charging base accessory for the Pure that effectively turns it into a corded phone.

  1. a corded phone is extremely reliable. You never lose it, it never “dies” (battery), and you always know exactly where it is. I appreciate the minimalism of the previous commentor; however, I don’t believe that having to remember to put the Pure on and off would achieve the peacefulness of the home phone.

  2. I love devices that DON’T have wireless capability from the start. I’ve noticed that with various wireless devices from printers to cell phones, that sometimes you think that you’ve turned off the wireless, but indeed it is still on, or a glitch occurs and the wireless antennas are indeed still emitting (I’ve discovered this by scanning my home with a meter called the Acoustimeter, which measures the power density of wireless frequencies of wireless devices).

  3. children & autonomy & access. When I grew up, I had some sort of independence because there was always a corded home phone where I could call my friends to play. Doesn’t this give our children a sense of safety and autonomy? Instead of having to ask “mommy or daddy, can i use your cell phone to call my friend to play?” having to ask parents for cell phone also then encourages them to use cell phones from an early age. i really wonder sometimes why more parents do not insist on home phone, and once they learn about EMFs, a CORDED home phone.

  4. safety. what if a child needs to call 911 but can’t remember the password on their parents cell phone? what if a child wants to call grandma and grandpa? why should they have to ask mom and dad every time they want to call a loved one? we should give our children access to this basic communication device. that doesn’t mean that we can’t put parameters around it, but the damage a child can sustain from using a corded home phone is worlds apart from the damage they can sustain from using a cell phone, especially a cell phone connected to the internet.


two more benefits of home phone i can share —

  1. it is so nice to come home and have a home phone where the parents AND children BOTH can see there is a voicemail (blinking red light - would be cool to slow down the blinking to make it even more relaxing). It is a unifying experience to listen to a voicemail TOGETHER (parents and children) left by grandpa, or grandma, or a family friend for example, or to call a loved one on speaker with CHILDREN and parents TOGETHER. I know you can also do this on a cell phone since cell phones have speakerphone too…but why would we use a cell phone to achieve this while we are at home? why would we subject ourselves and children to needless EMFs? The child being able to see that there is voicemail is INCLUSIVE for children.
  2. Or especially in the scenario of when we women are pregnant…without a corded home phone it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to really shield our fetus from EMFs and still communicate with the world. The “Baby Safe Project” from head OBGYN at Yale tells all women to avoid EMFs ESPECIALLY during pregnancy, but again, without home phone, these are pretty empty instructions.

Finally, I challenge Mudita or people in the forum to search for corded speakerphone answering machine phones on Amazon, and read the reviews for the various models. You will see very quickly that tons of people are endlessly searching for a quality corded home, like i was, and are not happy with anything currently available.


Could Mudita score a home run with a corded home phone by partnering with Dr. Hugh Taylor, head of OB-GYN at Yale, creator of the https://www.babysafeproject.org/? (https://medicine.yale.edu/obgyn/people/hugh_taylor.profile)
Would he be interested in being involved in development of a truly modern corded home phone, and promoting the product?

Can you tell how desperate i am for mudita to make this??? haha.


@Felicia_Hobert & @anonid3301 Sometimes, I think I’m the only one who thinks life was better when things were simpler & slower. I loved having a corded phone. All this “extra” & “unnecessary” technology and complexity is upending the human experience. Recently, a friend of mine showed me an app she downloaded on her iPad for her toddler…it’s a coloring book app with a subscriptions…O_o

@anonid3301 I have to agree with you there. Sometimes, I think all this complexity & greed is upending our lives.



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Yes @Feclicia_Hobert, that was my reaction as well. :slight_smile:

writing all of this down inspired me to create a post called “How to Get Your Spouse on board with EMF Safety”. I hope you all enjoy it!!! https://impressionsofaholobiont.com/2021/01/23/how-to-get-a-spouse-on-board-with-emf-safety/


@Felicia_Hobert Would you be interested in writing something for our blog? I think you have an readable writing style & you could offer an interesting perspective on EMF. Let me know if you’d be interested.

Home phone is a must have. Would be glad to purchase it in the future from Mudita’)


Yes, I am very interested in writing for your blog! I apologize I did not see your question about this until today. I wish I could receive an email each time I receive a reply on this forum. Perhaps there is a way to make that happen. Please let me know how to move forward with your request.

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I would like a corded phone with a speakerphone option. I have 2 corded LANDLINE Panasonic phones (something that plugs right into the wall and uses copper instead of a modem via voip) and an AT&T answering machine which also has caller ID - it calls out the number after 2 rings.
I chose the Panasonic because it was one of the 2 simple phones available and I turn off the ringer in the bedroom but I can hear the ring from the living room.
SO YES SPEAKERPHONE on a corded phone please!


I really love this idea of providing a home corded phone!

If I would design the device it would feature the following:

  • Built-in Voip client, allowing me to avoid expensive “landline providers”. (There are many Voip service providers that rent landline numbers for only a few $ per month. For example, I’m paying $2/month to my bulgarian provider for a swiss number matching my hometown).

  • Ethernet input for connection to the internet, but being able to use the Pure as a tethered modem to keep the Voip client connected to the world even while I’m sitting with my corded phone in a train between Zurich and Warsaw.

  • Having the look and feel of a purely analog phone with a rotating dial and a metal bell that rings loudly unless dampened with felt and of course a large and heavy ear-and-mouth-piece that can either be hung up or put on the base, and by doing so hard-switching the mics off (disconnecting the wires of the mic, so that turning that on remotely is just not possible).

  • Using very little power in standby mode.

  • Good loudspeaker mode and built-in automatic responder with message recording would be nice.


I have to say that I do miss having a home phone :smiley:


Hello Mudita, I want to make a few adjustments to my wish list for the simpler corded phone from my very first post:

What features does this phone have that are important?

  1. The digit buttons on the handset have a soft backlight. HOWEVER — i think the backlight should turn OFF when one is not pressing buttons. if one picks up the handset the backlight should be on for a while, so the person can see if its dark, but then the backlight should turn off. why have icky light right at your face and right at your eyes. i’ve noticed this backlight really bothering me lately.

Thank you!!!


hi, is your panasonic phone a true corded phone, or does it have handsets that are wireless?

“plugs right into the wall and uses copper instead of a modem via voip” ---- are you just able to utilize the old phone line infrastrucutre where you’re at? in my city, they no longer offer this service…it’s either voip, or nothing.

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any update from Mudita on if they’re considering this as products?

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