Holistic Spaces

Recently, many of us have been spending the majority of our time at home. In our latest blog post, Holistic Spaces, we discuss the power our living environment has on our physical & mental well-being.
What steps have you taken, if any, to ensure that your living environment does not contribute to unnecessary stress in your life.


@urszula It’s a bit harder when you have little kids at home. But yes, I agree, it is very important to make sure our homes don’t contribute to more stress.


Wonderful article! It can be tough to organize and minimize stress inducers in our lives. But it is possible. I remember back in about 2011 I still didn’t have a smartphone and I loved it. My girlfriend at the time had a smartphone and I hated the idea of typing on a glass screen. I gave in eventually. Now I’m here 2021 and being pushed right back to wanting to back away from smartphones. I’ve decluttered very much in my home. Still more work to do but it’s already helped my life so much. This was years in the process. I had many moments in the past 10 years where I wanted to quit it cold turkey but was always lured back in. This time, everything has aligned in my life and it’s going very well. My mindfulness has greatly improved. Meditation happens daily now. My smartphone is very bare with only essentials on it, while my work iPad has extras if needed.


I like:

  • working near a window,
  • reviewing the book Spark Joy whenever I am ready to declutter again,
  • donating unneeded, unmarketable items to Goodwill or Salvation Army, and
  • selling unneeded, marketable items on eBay.

@kirkmahoneyphd Let’s talk about working near a window. I do this as well, however, I find it hard to concentrate when the weather is nice & the sun is shining because I REALLY want to be outside. Do you experience the same?


I use what I see through the window as motivation to concentrate on my work so that I can be satisfied with leaving the work behind when I do go outside.