Heat development?

I’ve been using a Blackberry Q10 for years (my current Q10 is my second one, this and its predecessor I bought used) because I like everything about it and wouldn’t switch even for money to a generic smartphone like there are hundreds out there. For university, which I recently graduated from, I heavenly depended on a computer and, for work, on my phone - so much that I now start to notice the consequences that “lifestyle” had on my body. Especially on my hands. Now that I’ve graduated and fortunately found a job which allows me to look less on money things, I want to get away from the internet and keyboards as much as possible, at least in my free time. I recently stumbled upon the MuPU (love that abbreviation somebody created!) and ended up pre-ordering it, after reading up on many things in the forum and the Mudita website.

Now, one of the main issues I regularly had with several devices in the last years, and still have (probably because all my devices were B-ware), is that at some point each device gets really warm, like unpleasantly warm. Combined with bad ergonomic habits my fingers + hands have got very sensitive to long-time working on any keyboard.

So my question now is regarding the working temperature of the MuPu. Is there any chance that it will exceed a certain temperature when used normally?

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@anny_way Welcome to the Mudita Community! Thank you for choosing Mudita Pure as part of your journey! To answer your question, in our May Development Update, we went over the rigorous testing which Mudita Pure has undergone, one of them being heat & light intensity testing. You’ll be happy to hear that we passed all the tests :slight_smile:
PS: I’m also a fellow Blackerry Q10 user & just like you, I bought a less beat up one on eBay because my 13yr old BBQ10 has seen better days!

I don’t think heat will be a problem here. The Pure has custom operating system and an energy efficient processor and a custom antenna, which should significantly reduce heat.

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Awesome, thanks!

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And welcome aboard we have a real nice community here im glad i placed my order too and gets to chat in thus amazing community of people here.


Thanks! Yes, I already feel quite at home here, among so many other like-minded people such as you :slight_smile:

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@anny_way You’re welcome!