Have you tried mindful eating?

It’s so true that when unexpected changes disrupt our lives, it can be difficult to maintain our usual routines and cultivate better eating habits in times of crisis.


Hi. Several month ago I read an interesting article about life style diseases. If I am not mistaken It had this context The major contributing factor to life style related diseases, typified by diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, is often obesity. Therefore, we have to think about losing surplus weight. And what I am going to say, your article can help many people who need to help. Thank you very much.:blush:

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Speaking about eating. Intermittent fasting is something you could consider while designing the timing apps :wink:

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Some weeks ago, during the writing of my master thesis, I tried a rather strict dopamine detox (*) for about 1 week. Part of it was steering clear of any convenience or comfort food and sugars. So my nutrition came down to a few really basic meals like oat meal, boiled rice with tomatoes, and some greens. Additionally, I tried to be really focussed and mindful while eating. Whenever I was eating, I moved away all electronics, unplugged my headphones, stopped reading in books or magazines, stopped thinking about other topics etc. - I solely concentrated on every bite. How the single ingedients tasted, where they came from, how they might effect my body and so on. Thoughts like this.
What I found is that I really started to appreciate the food itself and the process of eating it, too. Before it was merely a necessary side activity of the day, most times done on autopilot while I was reading an article online, watching a youtube video or reading in a magazine. Now, I really enjoy eating my self-prepared food. It’s not only fun to taste the different ingredients, it is also just deeply satisfiying in some way. And actually this change in awareness/appreciation didn’t take long to show up: Just after the first 1 or 2 days of “mindful and undistracted eating” you can realize the effects of it.
This increased appreciation and enjoyment might not sound like much for many people, but my lesson learned from it is that I will continue to concentrate on eating and definitely go completely offline while doing it.
I can recommend it!

(*) Although I highly recommend the detox, I don’t really agree with the naming “dopamine detox”. IMHO you can’t really detox from a hormon, especially not from dopamine, which is basically involved in every daily moment of learning. I would rather describe the detox as “avoiding low value/fast pleasure activities by replacing them with high value/delayed pleasure activities”. For example you replace watching a netflix series with reading a book or hiking in nature. But I understand that “dopamine detox” is way shorter and a more impressive term.

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