HAPPY to be back

My Pure arrived (for the FOURTH TIME in a year…yes I do have a hard time letting go :smile:) and I am not sure if its the updates but the phone is working FLAWLESSLY. I have called people texted and the phone has not disconnected at all. Now I am at the top floor of my house and I am aware that I will get no connection in the basement but I do not care. I have made the decision that after 8pm I will disconnect and not turn my phone on till the next day.

When this phone was announced I was so excited for it. I needed a device like this in my life. I have mental health challenges specifically a obsessive personality (SHOCKING I KNOW LOL) so a device with a meditation timer and one that has friction with t9 texting is everything that I need to function as a happy adult. When I have the mudita I feel lighter. Honestly every time I get this phone back I just feel happier. I have the sunbeam but with the speech to text (when it was working) I was still using it more than I wanted to. Not as near as much as my smartphone but I want to live a purposeful, present life. I want to model to my kids what being a present person looks like. Technology is a wonderful thing, do not get me wrong, but I think it has robbed us of so much human connection. I made a choice to choose this life style, take devices away from my kids until they are old enough to make their own decisions, and I can tell you it has made my life as father and husband much better. I listen now, I look people in the eye when I talk to them. When I go for a walk you will not see me starting at a glowing screen, you will see me looking up in the sky thinking, how beautiful of a day is it right now?

It is nice to be back with the phone I always wanted from the moment I saw it. In the past year I have tried every phone there is, light phone, sunbeam, nokia 225, Punkt, nokia 105, and none of them compare to the Mudita. Now keep in mind this is for my specific use case. The light phone 2 is a fantastic device but for me because of the speech to text and lack of physical buttons I again fell into using the phone too much.

I have been hard on the Mudita team. But ultimately they are a company trying there best. They make mistakes but we all do. There hearts are in the right places. These guys create products I CRAVE. A good craving because they make your life simple and happier. I will be getting the new clock because the short time I had the last one I LOVED IT. Thanks for you hardwork Mudita and apologies if I ever was super harsh on you guys.

I was frustrated with the phone so much because I loved it and wanted it to work. But I realized that was just my old addiction coming back into play. We are impatient people. Patience is a skill I have been working on and I plan on continuing to work on it, using the Mudita will allow me to practice patience because maybe the odd time a message may not go through (although to be honest I have had this phone for 1 hour and I have had ZERO issues texting i love it!) but so is life, I think the key to life is how you react to what happens to you. Frustration , anger, etc are all emotions we don’t control whether we feel them but we 100 percent control our response to them. Through meditation my patience has increased and I love when I do get overwhelmed I got the pure meditation timer that I can use to reset myself.

Long story short, I am so HAPPY to have this phone back in my life.
Have a great weekend everyone

‘Be here now’


Happy to have you back, I hope you enjoy your future experiences with the Pure :slight_smile:


Awwww, thank you @cardio79, we are happy you are here and supporting us! That is true - we are trying and we do believe in our vision and mission. These kinds of words make us fly. Have a wonderful day! :slight_smile:


@cardio79 Thanks for sharing your journey with us.
The truth is, many people got Mudita Pure & really didn’t think about making any lifestyle choices and getting ready for the change. Mudita Pure is a really decent phone, but it does take getting used to. Even the physical buttons can be an issue for some who are used to digital screens.

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