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Around a year ago I gave up my smartphone and started using a flip phone. First an old Motorola, until my carrier stopped supporting 3G and now an Alcatel. Neither have been able to support group text messaging, which is an inconvenience… Will the Mudita phone be able to handle group text messages?


Currently, the answer to this question is no. However, we will send out an update should this become a possibility. I also feel as though it would be a useful feature. I have previously used group messages with family members as it’s more convenient than messaging everyone individually.


The lack of group messaging is the main thing holding me back from pre-ordering. The only “data” I require is the ability to send MMS messages, and I can live without picture msgs. Group texts though have always been a must, and since the phone has LTE it is definitely possible. Is it something they could add later if not at launch?


It is something we considered during the Kickstarter campaign (with a stretch goal which sadly wasn’t achieved) but there are no immediate plans to add group messaging to Mudita Pure. It might be possible to add with an optional software update at some point but I’m not sure if that will happen.


Thank you for the quick reply! I am on the fence between Light Phone 2 and the Pure, and to be honest, the Pure wins in all the things I need, except this one feature. I’ll probably end up ordering the Pure as it’s the better of two for me, but group messaging is the one thing that gives me pause to consider LP2. Let me know if/how I could convince you guys to really consider it in a future update!


@tiffany Just a thought on this subject, but if messaging could be done from the desktop app, could MMS messaging be added to it? If I get an alert on the phone that I’ve received a picture or I’m part of a group message, I don’t mind waiting until I can access the desktop app to respond, and at least I got the message in some way.

Is this solution even feasibly possible?


@kriedley Hi there & nice to meet you!
I do agree on the Group Messaging front (and hope it’ll be included in a future OTA Update), but I’m good with it not being there.
For me, personally, it’s more of a “what’s the family saying now” thing, haha :):laughing:

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This is a really really good idea. Even if MMS can’t be implimented on the phone, having the option of at least viewing group messages if not responding with the desktop app would be much better than no option at all. The lack of MMS at all is what gives me pause since I’m a part of a few small work and family group chats and losing that would be significant downside.

Such a great idea!