Gave my smartphone up for good

I just sold my blackberry motion. I am officially without a smartphone. I actually was very much inspired by the founders of the light phone that do not own a smartphone. I always thought they used them on the side but found out during the course of the interview that they did not. I took both my devices away from my kids today, aged 4 and, 8. They have a nintendo switch and a ipad. Today when they were not allowed to use the devices. They were bored. But through the boredom they started to play a game. It was through this boredom that they were forced to get creative.

I want my children to see me set an example and be present so they can do the same.


This post is a nice complement to yours, @cardio79!

Your actions are a model not only for your children but also for other adults!


As a proud “alien” in Denmark, there are some things that I still need the smartphone, such as a translator, parking, etc. However, until Mudita brings a new “smart” option for us, I’ve turned my iPhone into a PDA that only receives calls. I’ve resumed all the apps for what I really need. No subscriptions and no weird notifications.

That said, I don’t have the data turned on even if it is available. I’ve redirected everything to my MacBook at home. I only will use it in case of an extreme need. All the needed updates I do by cable: music podcasts, GPS (I use organic maps), etc. Therefore I have an iPhone “pro” for calls, SMS, and MMS. :slight_smile:


Yep. I gave up mine 5 years ago and it’s wonderful to not be tied to a device wherever. you are. AND my son has gotten to see me not use one, so he knows it can be done. He’s 16 and still doesn’t have one. Yehhhh!!!


Everything done right :slight_smile: