Favourite Meditation Format - voices / guides


I’ve used a number of guided meditations sources over the years, and I’m curious if you have a favorite voice/mentor or perhaps a formula to meditate. Andy Puddicombe from HeadSpace or Tamara Levitt from Calm are two very famous voices, but there are literally hundreds of others online and some have very enlightening voices as well!
Do you have any favorites?

I tend to change the meditation artist depending on the time of the day and meditation. Morning meditation is for female voices, evening meditations for males.

Also, I found out that length is important - 10 - 15 minutes seems to be the sweet spot. If I meditate shorter than 5 minutes, I don’t feel the full “immersion”.

Looking forward to your recommendations!

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I like to listen to actual birdsong for meditation.

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@thinkround you mean like connecting with nature & meditating to actual birds chirping? What about in the winter?

I prefer Sam Harris for guided meditation, personally. Dan Harris’s (no relation) Ten Percent Happier seems to be an accessible approach that is preferred by folks I know.