E-Mail reachability of Mudita mail accounts

Hi there!
I recently wrote a few questions to your mail addresses (hello@ and store@). I got no answer so far, which could be of course the case because I’m impatient :slight_smile:

According to my mail server log you’re using Google Mail. In my experience it’s quite difficult here to get through if you’re self hosting your mail server (like I do), because Google does classify your mail almost reliably as Spam.
Just wanted to check if you’re aware of that.

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@nehmetokio Thanks for reaching out. Due to the high volume of emails, we usually respond to emails with 3 business days, sometimes, a bit longer after a weekend because of the high influx of messages. I see you emailed on Sunday (July 17th) and again two hours ago, Our customer service has your email & they will respond as soon as they can. Hopefully this info helps.

Ah, cool!
Sorry, but when I read Google my Alarm goes off :slight_smile:

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