Do you remember a time before the internet?

I remember sending drawings via fax, going to school without a smartphone and using a landline (home phone) to call people. I was born in the nineties and I’m always amazed by how far technology has come in such a short amount of time but I also know that it has a long way to go!


I was very young and my father had an old computer, with this router that used to make this typical sound when it would connect to the internet (i can even remember the tones to this day). It was the good old days, when I had to wait for 3 minutes for the computer to start the session ahah !

Then, in the early 2000s everything went faster and faster, and has never slowed down since. This is still unsettling for me to be honest !


Oh yes, I remember the sound of dial-up internet well. If I was online in the 90s and one of my parents needed to use the house phone, they’d shout “Who’s on the internet? I need to use the phone!” As you say, the sheer speed with which technology is progressing is quite alarming!

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When I was 6/7 years old my school held an assembly to introduce us to EMAIL. We sent an email to a school about an hour away. It took us about 45 minutes to receive a response. They were having the same type of general assembly. That was before the web, somewhere between '91 and '93. The teachers were blown away, the students didn’t get it.
It was another 5 years before I was on the Internet or World Wide Web. Those were the days. Altavista and, Netscape, Hotmail before it was bought by Microsoft, and hours spent really learning how to use computers. It sounds stupid, but when Internet was slow, like 14 baud and 28kbps modem slow, we spent lots of time testing out all of the things Word (probably Corel at the time) and Excel could do. I remember making a PPT on Windows 3.1 using Excel to create the slides and PowerPoint Viewer to show it to the teacher. It was just for fun, it was creative too, and it was simple and goofy. Our teachers let us take computers apart and put them back together too.
Most people my age preferred being outside before the Web and Social Networks found a way to suck our time and data.


These were the good ol’ days… :3
Now, we have to move on and manage to find balance in all this ahah.