Decluttering Your Emotions

There are a lot of great ways to organize your mind.
What are some that you find useful?

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I’ve tried a few meditation methods, and the one which truly worked with me is Qi Gong. I practice it every time I require more energy, to stretch some parts of my body (or if I have pain), and even to get some clarity of mind. It is highly versatile, and if you learn enough about the philosophy/teachings behind it you can start creating your own routines.

If meditation is not for you, then definitely give writing a try! Finding the right words to express what you feel is not always easy (gets simpler with time), but keeping track of your emotions and learning from your growth helps considerably. write whenever you feel the need, or simply add that in your routine (morning, lunch break, night) for a few minutes/lines per session. (care: this can grow in a dangerous hobby of buying extra notebooks, fountain pens, and fountain pen inks which will remain unused for years to come!)

Another method is physical activity. It is one of the best methods to clear the mind and develop a closer connection with your emotions. There are options, from “me-time” sports (jogging, swimming, cycling, gym…) to team activities (soccer, basketball, hockey…) ; explore which helps you most.

But more importantly, the main advice is to get to learn your own body and mind before trying to control your emotions (spirit). Try things out and learn what works for you. swimming vs basketball: do you like to feel and hear the water around you, or do you prefer to get involved in a team activity with friends?

In the end, after you found your methods, it’s important to keep track: document your emotions, learn their causes, and that will allow you to find clarity and ways to keep them under control.

Right now I’m having a tough time managing my emotions concerning the waiting time until I get my Pure! @anon32618512 please put me out of my misery! :slight_smile:

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