Chess game for the Mupu?

Would it be possible to develop a Chess game for the Mupu (Quick name for the mudita pure) ?
Smart, braintrainy… It would make sens ?

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A chess playing programme that’s any good requires a lot of resources in terms of memory and processing power. I can’t see any way a phone like the Pure could run a programme that plays chess remotely well.

And that’s without touching the fact that having games on the phone is directly counter to the Mudita ethos of trying to foster a minimalistic relationship between users and tech. If you’re taking out your phone to play games to fill all the downtime in your life, then you’re not living the life the Pure is being designed to fit.


Of course… But Chess is not snake.
Anyway, the resources argument is true. But it was the black and white design that made me think about Chess …


I believe that mudita pure concept gives us a technological dichotomy on some subjects. All opinions are extremely valid, and I see a piece of me in each request and doubt. On another side, I see an involuntary complexity in the simplicity that mudita pure will offer. I’m sure that this minimalistic project will challenge our daily lives.


Not true. Here is an old .jar game you can play on 15 years old Nokias:
On a high enough difficulty you won’t be able to win unless you are a professional chess player.

If you’re taking out your phone to play games to fill all the downtime in your life, then you’re not living the life the Pure is being designed to fit.

I mean, chess is like a puzzle game. There is nothing wrong with it. I think having a chess game on e-ink screen would be cute.


What about a deliberately two player only version? Or Go?

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I think these are perfect opportunities for our developer community to contribute- Did anyone here sign up for the Developer Preview?

I’ve signed up and as a curious developer I look forward to trying out different ideas, like maybe attempting to do a simple game as suggested in this thread!


@hesselbom This is GREAT idea. We look forward to seeing what you can come up with.

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