Charger specifications

The Harmony Manual says that the charger needs to be 5 volts DC, maximum 1.5 Amps, but the US Charger you sell is 5 Volts, 2 Amps. Which is it?

I forgot to add a charger to my order when I bought the Harmony , and so need to find one locally. Thank you.

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@nushka Thanks for bringing this up. I will ask one of my colleagues to clarify this & get back to you.

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@nushka I got some feedback from one of my colleagues. The battery of Mudita Harmony will handle 2.0 amps and because the device will only draw what it needs. We sell 2 amp chargers because when you charge a device, there will always be come power loss through the cable. By selling a 2 amp charger, we are compensating for that loss, so you can get the most efficient charge possible.