Change logs made available on our SUPPORT PAGE

A few of you, in the Mudita Community, have request that the change logs be made available.
You asked, we listened.
If anyone wants to take a look at the change logs they will be here:


Glad you did this! :sparkling_heart:

And … you also added notes for the upcoming release! :two_hearts: This may help to adjust personal expectations, and hopefully raise fruitful discussions in the forum.

Some technical notes about that announcement.

  1. Currently when using the link you shared people will end up directly on the site for Mudita Center release notes only. In fact, there are sites present for the Software Release Notes of Mudita Pure (Mudita OS) and Mudita Harmony too. @urszula Maybe you want edit your post and add those links? :wink:

  2. One level higher, one the Solutions site the Software Release Notes section for the Mudita Center shows also a release of Mudita OS v1.4.0?!? Which should not be there and is also not tagged as upcoming. @urszula Can you loop someone in to have this fixed? It is confusing.