New Mudita Center version 1.5.0 released

Even though scheduled for September it got released now! Not sure since when, but I noted it today :laughing: Using the auto update within Mudita Center went well for me. In case you want to download the current setup file it is found here.

The release seems to deliver what has been listed in its release notes which were around for some days already. See Mudita Center 1.5.0 (Preview) and the general announcement, Change logs made available on our SUPPORT PAGE. Good news! :tada:

In addition, there is one thing not mentioned but fixed too now: Contacts marked as Favorite are now displayed as such right way meaning the sync of Mudita Center with Mudita Pure about that attribute is functional now.

So, what’s up for the next release?!?


@sv3np Yes, it was released ahead of time :smiley: I’ve asked the MC team to let us know what their plan is for the future releases. I know they are working on implementing the file transfer feature, which would work with BOTH Harmony & Mudita Pure, but I will ask about the timeline.


It’s great to see the improvements coming :slight_smile: . People on the line can hear me more clearly now when there’s signal, but signal strength is poor in many areas…

Besides, when will you guy enable users to use the mudita center when tethering ? Because so far when in tethering mode the phone is unusable which is quite a big problem for someone who uses tethering a lot



@alexfrca Are you saying that you cannot be connected to Mudita Center while tethering? Am I understanding that correctly?

That’s correct, I cannot use the Mudita Pure on the Mudita Center when the phone is tethering. Further, the phone itself is unusable when tethering


@alexfrca Got it! I’m gonna get some answers for you about this.