Can technology help us deal with depression and anxiety?

It would be interesting to read more stories about meditation and mindfulness having played such an important role in people’s lives, particularly when it comes to mental health.

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Anxiety, most certainly.

In my experience, it all has to do with intentionality. Something deliberately limited like the Light Phone II, Nokia 3310 3G and (if anything like them, I assume) Mudita Pure gives you only the basic framework of communication.

The exclusion of smart/smart-adjacent functionality is, for me personally, a boon. . It has quelled my anxieties over “FOMO.” and the need to always follow up on notifications from corporate bodies.

With a simple feature handset, every alert my phone delivers (sans emergencies and alarms) has a person on the other side.

This puts these types of handsets (again personally) above most modern models which attempt to be stop-gaps between features and smart devices. There is a peace I find in them.

But even if, in this way, they are a throwback, that does not make them simple or old. Modern radios, displays, processors, and design sensibilities are all going into these projects. They are contemporaries of smartphones–as techy as any of them–just crafted and functioning a bit differently.

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Yes, some particular meditation apps will surely work for depression and HRV in particular works great in anxiety recognition (and reduction as well, if you follow some of the techniques recommended by HeartMath or companies focusing on HRV).

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