Can someone tell me if Mudita can be connected to my Tesla Model X?

I would like to know how to play my Mudita songs on my Tesla Model X. I’ve tried downloading and converting Spotify songs to MP3s on a USB before transferring them to my car, and it worked fine. But I’m still confused about transferring Mudita’s songs to my Tesla Model X. Do I need to buy CDs?


@mino Thank you for your question. Have you tried connecting via Bluetooth?

Hi! From my own experience, Pure works just like a pendrive, so you should be able to see files in a folder after connecting. However, there might be some compatibility issues that we are not aware of. Do you know what kind of operating system your Tesla has?

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Hi mino, have you tried your Bluetooth? Maybe you could use Carplay to use the Mudita Bell and play those songs you downloaded. It does work for me. I download songs with DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter. Hope it could help.