Audiobooks? Anyone have an Audible alternative

I’m a huge fan of audiobooks. I currently use Audible & I’ve been with them for over 20yrs (Yes, I’m OLD) way before they were bought by AMAZON. I’m trying to move away from Amazon & Audible is the last product that I am still using because I can’t find a suitable replacement. I’ve heard of StoryTel (which I believe is a Swedish company) and then there is but their selection is not as extensive as Audible.
Anyone using a service other than Audible & happy with it? I’m looking for some great alternatives.

I’d suggest people start compiling a list here of DRM-free audiobook sources. If the book is DRM-free, it can be converted to one of the file formats supported by the Pure.

I’d suggest a multi-phase approach:

  1. Remove DRM from your existing books if possible
  2. Switch to a DRM-free book store

For (1), a service such as Openaudible or running Audible-Activator followed by FFmpeg on your local computer, might be an option.

For (2), a list here might be of benefit to Pure users.

The FSF’s “defective by design” anti-DRM campaign has a list of DRM-free ebook sources, and DRM-free media in general on the rest of the web site.