Are there any simple ways to protect yourself from cell phone radiation?

I was wondering if there are simple ways to protect yourself from cell phone radiation?


A lot of, but nothing that most of the folks would consider as “convenient” (driver of most of the inventions today…). Switch off BT/WiFi when not used, switch to plane mode when going to sleep, use headphones when talking over the phone, use some shielding cover (I use Waves Protect on my iPhone X - it re-directs all the emissions from your head the other side), use some other passive protection - I do trust Q-Link and 2 pendants from Czech inventor, (Milan Hein).


I would add to that: avoid calls when the network signal is weak, this is when mobile phone radiation is strongest (underground stations, basements, mountains, elevators) and put your phone away if you don’t need it close to you at all times. This is useful not only due to radiation but also to avoid general distractions and keep a higher level of focus or concentration.


My family forwards our cell phone to a hardwired landline when at home so we can put our phones away. We also have cases from Safesleeve and don’t use the wifi function. Other than that, distance as much as possible. Don’t put it to your ear, use speakerphone, and don’t carry it in your pocket whenever possible. Good luck!


Despite frequently facing hostility when addressing this topic, my concerns remain steadfast. I’m concerned about the sheer number of 5G antennas, their energy, and the constant phone connectivity with those antennas. It just doesn’t sit right with me that all this is entirely innocuous to us, especially when these antennas are on top of buildings where people live, exposing them to radiation all the time.

Everything comes with a cost, even with technology. Nature invariably imposes a balance, and it is time to acknowledge and address the inherent costs of progress. I hope more people start questioning this, too.

With this in mind, I’d like the Mudita team to consider not including 5G in their next phone or offering a version that’s only 4G. It would mean a lot to those worried about these things but also align with a cautious and considerate stance.


@roberto: After reading much of what Arthur Firstenberg has posted – with scientific references – on his website (distinct from his Substack pages), my concern about the potential damages from ANY cellular radiation (from towers as well as from cellphones) has RISEN.

Two anecdotes:

  1. I noticed last month a 5G stalk at the edge of the front yard of a house just a few blocks from my home. Wow! The 5G antenna is maybe ten yards or meters from the front of that house! From what I have learned at CHD.TV, this is NOT good.

  2. I used my TriField TF2 meter to test the RF – in milli-Watts per square meter – of my Sunbeam Wireless F1 Orchid flip phone (directly next to the meter) in various configurations: battery in + power on + airplane-mode off; battery in + power on + airplane-mode on; battery in + power off; battery out. Guess what?! Even in “battery out” configuration, the Orchid put out an average of 0.150 mW/m2 (vs. a background level, without the Orchid, of 0.075 mW/m2). That suggests to me that a charge-holding capacitor in the Orchid lets the Orchid emit RF radiation even without the battery!


That’s insane!


@roberto: Thank you for sharing that article from

I read a few months ago that many LED light fixtures pulsate, but that article said that electronics can pulsate them up to one million times per second (1 MHz). Wow!

I confirmed that the LED ceiling lights in my bathroom pulsate by noticing that the water spray from my shower head was somewhat broken into visible fragments by those pulsating lights. This is reminiscent of using a timing light to adjust spark-plug timing.

I learned recently that otherwise-invisible pulsations from LED light fixtures can stress us (unwittingly). There are non-pulsating LED light fixtures, but they can be much more expensive than the standard (pulsating) ones.


Let alone the word…”harvesting” make me almost “puke” on 6G.:nauseated_face::face_vomiting:
The new “usefulness” of humans?

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