AAX audible format even possible?

I was wondering if supporting aax audible formats is technically possible in the future? Just like Sandisk does with their mp3 players. I wouldn’t want to have to buy a separate mp3 player just to listen to my audiobooks :wink:



I think even if you couldn’t, you could convert the format to one of the ones that does work on the phone.

I know, but it’s a pain in the butt, and I’d have to use more screen time for that… (what I want to avoid).


You got a point there. How many audio books do you think you could fit though if the phone only has 16GB of storage with no way to not only increase it, but it also housing all contacts, updates, the OS, alarms, etc?

You only need to fit one at a time… That’s the beauty of audible :wink:


Thanks for your comment. At this moment we do not have it on our roadmap. However, I will pass the idea onto our team. :slight_smile:

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@Marcin_Hakemer-Ferna use open audible it’s a great tool to convert fast :slight_smile: